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  1. Oh, so I guess 90% of software developers are in the wrong then? The whole Adobe Creative Suite, Thunderbird, Firefox, Chrome, virtually any program except Evernote and iTunes manage to keep the icon pinned. And no, there's no need to uninstall the old version for those programs either. I don't think it's msiexec that needs to change, I think it's your attitude. You are abrasive, condescending and in denial.
  2. Jeff, this is not helpful. We're talking about the Windows taskbar, not the notification area. Maybe you found a workaround and it's working for you, but that doesn't solve the problem we all have here. Every single time Evernote updates (several times a month) we have to RE-pin Evernote to the taskbar. It's retarded. In my taskbar, I have: firefoxthunderbirdnotepad++all the adobe creative suite iconsquickenAll of these programs get updated all the time as well, but NONE of them gets un-pinned in the process. As a matter of fact, I haven't experienced this unpinning behavior with ANY OTHER program. This is unique to Evernote. PLEASE. FIX. IT.
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