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  1. mac client: 5.5.1 build 402628 i don't know how to id the clipper version but i downloaded it approx 1-2 weeks ago from the evernote site safari - 7.0.3 after i click 'open in evernote' - a new safari tab opens - but evernote never does - it looks like it tries then disappears - happens very quickly so hard to be 100% accurate - safari remains open and functioning on other tabs dan
  2. After I clip a selection (or a page) in Safari web clipper (Mac), the dialog includes a button to 'open note in evernote' - Every time I click on the button - the process crashes and Evernote does not open (neither the app on my mac nor the web based version)
  3. Hello everyone - I suffered through various frustrations to solve this and found a response in another non evernote forum - i just tried it and it works - I was trying to install the evernote clipper for safari but guessed the 'helper' prevented the install - turns out i was right - here is the solution for getting the helper out of your life -- You can easily stop the helper application, I've done the following and it's stopped loading: Open Evernote, and go to preferencesOn the General tab, turn off the 'Show Elephant in Menu Bar' optionOn the Shortcut tab, clear all of the shortcuts by clicking the little cross next to them close the preferences windowQuit Evernote through Evernote, then quit Evernote from the menu barOpen System Preferences and go to AccountsSelect your Account and go to Login ItemsHighlight Evernote and press the - button to remove it.Close System Preferences and restart your machine.Restart your computer and the Evernote helper does not start.good luck - hope this helps dan
  4. evernote clipper will not install - extz file downloads but won't install - safari 7.03 / osx 10.9.2 / en 5.5.1 all new install on new rmbp 15. installed en from en site (not app store) - (i do have en helper installed - did not realize this is separate from the clipper when prompted to install - came from PC world is this a possible conflict? if yes how do i uninstall helper) - any ideas?
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