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  1. Well I did see this today so maybe there's hope for a new tablet with the s-pen. I also use the Note4 phone but I had to change over to a surface for my tablet use.
  2. Here's an example of a Desktop Created Ink Note that has been later edited with the android app by added a new handwritten attachment. You can see the black curve I made on my android device at the top. There is a "Download Ink" at the bottom where I made my original Inked Note on the desktop app. The link doesn't work and now I have no way of seeing that original Inked note. I find this feature of desktop created Inked notes to be useless with these problems. Inked Note Created with the Desktop app and Later edited with the Android app.
  3. But if you edit a inked note created from the desktop on any other device you can no longer see the inked note.
  4. Nope. Only way I could find was to use a separate program for handwriting and import those images to evernote. Evernote for the desktop has a written note option but you can't view those written notes on any other version of evernote except for the desktop app. So you can't share those with link and allow people to view them thru their web browser or view them on a android of apple device. But my first suggestion using a separate app and importing an image does allow you to share and view it on other devices. I learned this the hardway after my Samsung Android device with an s-pen died. Samsung doesn't make any new tablet devices with a stylus so I moved to the surface only to be let down by evernotes lack of support for this device.
  5. Yup they really need to add handwriting support for Evernote on the Windows Surface tablets. There really isn't anyone making a good tablet with stylus support that has palm rejection on android anymore. I can't even buy a tablet at verzion that comes with a stylus! Like someone else said take off the blinders and look around.
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