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  1. Thanks! Now I've got enex files for all my (sub)notebooks
  2. Success! Installed 5.0.3, logged in with 'remember me', quickly disconnected wifi. Closed Evernote (also from system tray!). Put all 'default' evernote folders in a subfolder "Originals". Dragged all my backedup folders into Evernote folder location.. No luck. Closed evernote, checked the folder - saw different username (email, not name) folders were created. Double checked this by trying to delete those folders with Evernote running - couldn't be deleted, "in use". Closed Evernote, deleted "in use" folders, renamed mine to the same name the "in use" folders had. Opened Evernote, and got a message "User x already has a database , please... blabla". Click next, export the whole lot to enex. Currently importing Edit - Well it's a good thing I exported everything, as well as the important folders one by one. Import for "Everyhing" fails. The one by ones all work, so I've got my offline/local notes back, and will convert them to synced notes. (And once I'm done sorting and deleting, I'll export everything to enex again..)
  3. Got a reply back from support.. "Did you try File - Import". Er.... yes. That actually was the first thing I tried, but since it's an exb and not an exported enex there is NO way to import the thing. Off to install 5.0.3, cross my fingers (fold alu hat), and hope replacing the default database works so I can export.
  4. Thanks all! Part of the log file. Log opened on 2013/12/19 12:00:10 (UTC+1:00) 12:00:10 [2664] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 12:00:10 [2664] Client info: Evernote Windows/269614; Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1; 12:00:13 [2664] Opened database: D:\Evernote\Databases\username.exb (1015MB Fixed) ### This is indeed bigger than my current database, and according to the SQL I imported this db into, it contains at least some of the files I'm missing (probably all) 12:02:11 [1708] Received status code 200 when accessing URL http://update.evernote.com/public/ENWin5/ReleaseNotes_5.0.3.1614_en-us.html 12:06:50 [6836] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com 12:06:50 [6836] 0% * loaded updateCount: 12571 Looks like I was running 5.0.3 back then. Will see if I can download that from filehippo, install it on my mom's laptop (or in a virtual machine on my own system), and replace the default database with my backup.
  5. My old file is dated December 2013. I don't think it's corrupted - I just tried SQliteman and it could open it fine (with a few popup errors for probably some tables - no errors saying anything about 'corrupt/can't read') And I think I can see at least some of the local notes in there I'm currently running Evernote 5X. No clue on which version I was running back in December.. I might not have updated for a while, not sure. I could install a different Evernote version on my mom's laptop when she's here, and use that to export everything, then reimport into my own - but I don't have any old Evernote installers. (I also created a ticket since it looks like it might not be a version issue, and maybe there's another way?)
  6. Thanks! But... no luck! (hmm....maybe because I used clingfilm? We're out of silver foil ) When I swap out exb files and open Evernote again offline, I get a blank screen (but with evernote GUI layout and colors etc, just not content) and Evernote hangs. I did update Evernote a few weeks ago I think - and my exb file is from late 2013. Could be a version issue?? Is there any way to see which evernote version was used to create the exb? It's a 1GB file so I'm a bit hesitant to just throw it into Notepad.. (I do have a pro Evernote account, haven't checked Evernote size limits yet - always have been well under the limits - but will clean up some unneeded/big files before syncing everything once it's working.) By the way. Step 9: delete all the working files and clean up. "Working files" - Does that include .exb.snippets and other .exb.* files? For anyone wondering - Evernote active database location on Windows 8 is at C:\Users\UsernameAppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases
  7. I somehow lost all my local notebooks. I thought I'd exported everything before reinstalling Windows, but apparently I didn't. The hopefully good news is that I do have all my old .exb files, and I think the exb should have all those notebooks and attached PDFs inside it? (I've got the whole evernote folder with Announcement / AutoUpdate/Databases/Dict/LocalStorage (this one is empty by the way) and Logs). Is there any way to import the .exb into my current synced notebook without overwriting anything, so I can drag and drop the old local notes into a synced notebook? Thanks!
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