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  1. At work I'm restricted to using the web interface, and there I've found a case where ON beats EN. I wanted to stick a screenshot in a note. With ON I could simply copy and paste the image. That doesn't work with EN - I'd have to upload it (Skitch integration isn't an option - I'm restricted in what I install on the PC). The copy and paste option also works with Google Docs - and the Google Keep/Docs combination is another option in place of a dedicated note app.
  2. I posted this in a different thread, but I've been trying ON for a while now since we got it at work. For my personal use I still prefer EN, but ON has some great features. I love the draw options in the Windows, Android and iOS versions - you can knock up quick diagrams as well as freehand drawing anywhere on the page. It's not Visio, but for a quick and dirty diagram it's useful. The ability to draw anywhere is great, and beats the Skitch based annotation of images in my opinion. Sadly the one client that lacks it is the Mac one, which is what I use at home. Unfortunately the downsides outweigh the ups for me. The webclipping is too basic, EN is much more flexible in that regard. The killer is poor sync. I deleted a notebook in ON on the web, and rather than have it disappear from my phone I just got sync errors as it tried to sync the now non-existant notebook. I actually had to enter my credentials again and then select another notebook just to get it syncing. So far EN has the edge for me because it just works. The sync is order of magnitudes faster and is more reliable, which is critical for me as I'm often switching between devices.
  3. Resurrecting an old thread here, I know, and perpetuating the offtopic aspect, but since I was asked about ON vs EN: Having been trying ON for a while now, I'm finding it less useful and mainly because the sync is not fully thought through yet. I deleted a notebook via the web GUI and rather than reflect that on my phone I just got sync errors and had to fiddle around, log in again and open the current set of notebooks. It's just not seamless. So while ON has the edge for looks, and I really like the draw feature (where available), EN currently has the edge for "just working" across multiple platforms. That's the killer feature for me. I may still use ON for sketching out ideas, diagrams and so on but for having notes available wherever I am EN is still the winner.
  4. I use Wordpress, and use EN to draft my posts. I currently prefer to manually copy and paste the drafts, and then tweak them in WP, as I find Wordpress formatting can be... let's say quirky... plus I usually have images in my posts so I need to check the layout and flow around them. That said I can see the value in sending a draft from EN automatically, especially if it was set to draft in WP so it didn't show up in the blog until it had been reviewed and posted. Ideally there'd be a way to push from EN, rather than rely on pulling from the WP end. I'd love to see a plugin feature for the EN desktop client, even if it's just on export - so you could write a plugin to export to Wordpress, for example. As it is, you have to rely on the external plugins polling EN for notes to process. The only way I can think of to achieve that at the moment is to use the "email note" function and a WP plugin to allow posts from emails - there are several that do that job and are under active development.
  5. This might be possible using something like IFTTT - taking the calendar entry and creating a note in advance, so that when you get to the meeting you've already got a note with the basic details. As an even simpler solution, it might be possible to set up a filter in your gmail to forward on meeting reminders to your EN email address to give you a note to start with. To make that more sophisticated, Google has Apps Script which can automate actions on things like emails and calendar entries. You could have an app script that formats the email to EN so that it goes to the right notebook. It may even be possible to call the EN api from Apps Script, so that you could reflect changes to meetings in a note as well... Getting carried away with solution design now
  6. It's a three tier hierarchy, the same as EN. Where EN has stacks -> notebooks -> notes, ON has notebooks -> sections -> pages. Think of the notebook as a ringbinder with dividers - the pastel colours of the section tabs reinforce that idea, as that's a popular look for real world dividers. In that way it probably mirrors a real filing system more closely than the idea of stacks of notebooks. So far the way I see it is that ON is better for free format notes - note pages can have multiple boxes of text, images and (on tablets at least) freehand drawing and diagrams together and arranged any way you like. Notes really are closer to real world blank pieces of paper. That gives it an advantage as a way of capturing ideas. EN has tags for an additional level of organisation, and I think the webclipping works better. it also has better integration with a variety of third party applications. EN probably has the edge as a filing cabinet for information from various sources, ON has the edge for capturing your own ideas. That's my view, anyway.
  7. I've got to agree - I've been playing with OneNote on the Mac, and it just looks a bit nicer. I've been an EN user for a few years now, and I like it, but ON is certainly the better looking app on all the platforms I use. Now, obviously functionality is key, and I'm giving ON a proper test drive to see how it stacks up.
  8. I know I'm replying to an old one, but I came across this thread while searching for how to add a skitch generated image into a general note on the mac. What I found works best for me is to create the image in Skitch and then just use Edit -> Copy Image from within Skitch and paste it into a new note. That ends up as an inline image in the note and I can then edit the text or put further annotations on the image directly within Evernote. Ideally there'd be a way to create a new, blank Skitch "canvas" directly within a note.
  9. Can I add a "me too" to this one! I've been using Wunderlist as a to-do app, and it uses both a different sound and different colour for the LED. I have an almost "pavlov's dog" response to email alerts that use the default sound, and it's nice to be able to distinguish between those and other alerts. With that simple feature I think I could quite happily use Evernote for reminders and only have the one app to deal with.
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