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  1. Resurrecting this old request as it is March of 2020 and PDFs that come in through the Scannable app are still only sort of OCR'd (OCR on an image is different than OCR on a PDF in that you can highlight and select the text on the latter). And this is a different use case for Scannable. I love the Scannable app, but I am trying to figure out how to turn the photos (which become a PDF saved to my Evernote) I take into actual text that can be read by a screenreader on my iPhone. It's the poor-man's audiobook for those books that just don't come in the read-aloud format (or even as a Kindle which you can have Alexa read to you out loud). For most photos and PDFs, it will OCR the text and make it searchable in Evernote, but because Scannable will not convert the image-based PDF to a text-selectable PDF, I cannot get the saved PDF to be recognized as actual text ("no speakable content found") even if I save it to my iCloud Drive / Files. This is the same if I save it to my Camera Roll. And Evernote does not convert it either. The workaround is to take the generated PDF from Scannable and process it through Adobe Acrobat or an online service to make it into a text-selectable PDF. Oh and I am Premium so that makes no difference. The strangest part of this is that Evernote will OCR all text in photos, and it becomes searchable, but you cannot select the text in a photo, so screen-readers cannot access the words.
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