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  1. I'm not sure where you are referring to when you say "right click on the notebook". I clicked on the notebook, then right clicked on the notebook name in the notebook list in the sidebar, and I see this http://bit.ly/1vWB65C, with no options to add to stack. When I right click on the notebook title in the note list after clicking on the notebook, I don't get any options. The arrow drop down next to the notebook name is a find for other notebooks.
  2. The new design is terrible, thats a given. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to add a notebook to a stack now. I've dragged a notebook to the stack, tried to drop it in, and nothing. I've gone into the notebook settings, there was nothing. I've gone through the app menu items and can't seem to find anything. Pair this with the fact that you can't add notebooks to stacks in the web beta, and it feels like evernote is removing wholesale features. Maybe its something I'm not seeing, but is there a way to add a notebook to a stack in the new and terribly designed evernote for mac 6.0
  3. Yes, you are right. This has been suggested before. Evernote staff read all posts on the board so please do not start new threads for the sake of starting a new thread. Unlike bed sheets, thread count does not matter here. There doesnt seem to be any indication that this person started a thread simply for the sake of starting one. They have a need and the place they have to let evernote know about it is this forum. They wanted to let evernote know that they are one more person that needs this feature. If you have a problem with too many threads, that is your problem quite frankly, this f
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