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  1. I'm not sure where you are referring to when you say "right click on the notebook". I clicked on the notebook, then right clicked on the notebook name in the notebook list in the sidebar, and I see this http://bit.ly/1vWB65C, with no options to add to stack. When I right click on the notebook title in the note list after clicking on the notebook, I don't get any options. The arrow drop down next to the notebook name is a find for other notebooks.
  2. The new design is terrible, thats a given. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to add a notebook to a stack now. I've dragged a notebook to the stack, tried to drop it in, and nothing. I've gone into the notebook settings, there was nothing. I've gone through the app menu items and can't seem to find anything. Pair this with the fact that you can't add notebooks to stacks in the web beta, and it feels like evernote is removing wholesale features. Maybe its something I'm not seeing, but is there a way to add a notebook to a stack in the new and terribly designed evernote for mac 6.0?
  3. Yes, you are right. This has been suggested before. Evernote staff read all posts on the board so please do not start new threads for the sake of starting a new thread. Unlike bed sheets, thread count does not matter here. There doesnt seem to be any indication that this person started a thread simply for the sake of starting one. They have a need and the place they have to let evernote know about it is this forum. They wanted to let evernote know that they are one more person that needs this feature. If you have a problem with too many threads, that is your problem quite frankly, this forum doesnt have a dedicated area or way for users to request features. If there was a way to request a feature that other users could upvote, then this user could have made their need known by upvoting the request instead of creating a new one. Or if there was a dedicated area of the forum for feature requests then they could add to an existing request thread with a +1 type of reply. The way this forum is encourages new threads to bring the users request to the attention of evernote staff. The team at Basecamp/37Signals build new features based on how often they hear about new feature requests from customers. If it is really a widely desired feature then many people will bring it up and bring it up repeatedly over time to show that there is an actual need. The reason they do this is because it is the natural way we as humans make requests. We might have a fleeting fancy that we ask someone about but forget to follow up on because it wasnt really that important, but if it is truly a need we will be persistant until we get what we need or we move on to someone/something that can fulfill that need. So basically this was a long winded way of telling you your request to stop posting new threads was off-base and dismissive. Take a look at that users post history, they haven't made another post on here since your reply. I can't say this is causation, but it very well could be correlation, your reply certainly was not helpful, let alone neutral in its tone. I came across this thread because I myself was looking to see if the sharing of stacks feature existed, it is a need I seriously have. But I ended up creating an account on this forum simply to respond to your ridiculous reply to an innocent request from another user(as an aside - this sentence has way too many prepositional phrases). Please ruminate a bit on this. Oh, and +1 on the feature request.
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