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  1. I work in the political arena and use Evernote to both write and help deliver my speeches. When delivering a speech with my android tablet, I would simply open the note in non-edit mode and use pinch-zoom to resize the text to a manageable size and I'm good to go. I recently bought an iPad Mini because I see that Evernote supports iOS more (more features, Penultimate, etc, etc) than android (I'm an android fan, so you must understand how much I appreciate the power of Evernote). For some reason I cannot seem to resize the text on the iPad and have the text reflow or word wrap without it going beyond the size of the screen. When giving a speech making eye contact with the audience is fundamental, and having text that is too small makes it difficult to glance at the audience and glance back to find your place quickly again (plus some of my more visually challenged colleagues prefer their speech notes to be in large print). The iPad version has the nice Present feature, which would be perfect if you can simply just resize the text (and yes, I have tried to resize the text in the edit mode itself). Am I missing something? All of my colleagues have tablets. I have tried to explain the power of Evernote to them in what we do, the organisational abilities impress them, but fail every time when it comes to delivering our speeches.
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