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  1. Yes, robisme. I think you have totally understand my request :) I will give it a try on different account methord temporary,hope any of same function will add soon
  2. I like evernote so much, I can't leave it with everyday's life...I have bring all my data, photos, cards, games in it, and also PPT, PDF file used in business. the problem is in the work, when I do the string search, the result will return all relative things include my personal docs, such as family photos, my pets, my hobby, all my colleague can see it, and my client laugh about it...that's really I don't want.....and now when I want search something, I have to do it when nobody around! I have no plan to use two account, because that will lost efficiency. I do have a suggestion below, just a idea, not sure whether it can be realized. Add a concept called "workspace" or "repository", so I would create "work" "life" "game"... and I would close any one of these workspace, so all documents in this workspace will act as disappear before next time I reopen it. Thanks for bring me such good App, wish evernote empire will be strong than ever
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