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  1. Evernote just responded to my support request saying that they have now been able to replicate the bug on their end. It is in their hands now, not sure how long it will take to sort this bug out, but if they update me I will update this post.
  2. Hi guys, Time for an update. I was busy so I did not immediately return Evernote's reply. They got back to me saying that they could not recreate the bug and asked for more info. So I submitted the following album. http://imgur.com/a/BHONA#0 I also explained that in order to recreate the bug, some amount of time needs to pass before the windows client no longer registers the images. Just like how Royboy3 described above. The online application remains working. Furthermore, this only happens to some images.
  3. Olaf I have not created the support request yet, but your reply reminds me to do so. Doing it NOW. EDIT: I just created my ticket and referenced this post. I hope there is a solution because this bug basically breaks OCR for the Windows client.
  4. I did a complete shut down last night and this morning I opened the desktop client and the images are still not registering in searches. In fact...just as I suspected I lost another note that used to be searchable. I originally had 3 different notes and at one point they were all searchable, then one stopped working and I thought nothing of it, then two stopped working and that is when I posted on this forum, finally today the third one stopped working. I think I will open up a ticket and report back.
  5. Desktop client is syncing fine. I am also under the monthly allowance limit by a wide margin. Running latest updated version of EV. If I do a search on the desktop client it will not return results from an image, but it will work fine online. However, it used to work just fine on the desktop. Nothing has changed between the time it was working and stopped working. Very strange, if I figure it out I will update.
  6. Curiously, OCR was working fine on a notebook with images in it, then stopped working suddenly, but Evernote online OCR works fine. I have a premium account. Anyone know why this would happen?
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