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  1. How do you disable the new version is available update message? Sometimes when open Evernote it appears and it's really annoying. I prefer to manually check for updates on all my devices and computers once a month.
  2. The Read-only Access message never came back since I restarted the computer. As gazumped said, it seems to be a glitch in starting the new app.
  3. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Yesterday I updated to the newest version of Evernote for Windows v5.8.12.8127 (previous version This morning when I started my computer there was a popup message on the desktop I never saw before: "Read-only Access. You cannot edit this note because it is in a read only shared notebook. Request Editing Rights?" I did not click on Request Editing Rights Instead I restarted my computer. Then it went away, I didn't see it anymore. What is this about?
  4. I'm disappointed that Evernote doesn't have the ability to disable the recent list, but thank you all for trying to help me, I appreciate it.
  5. Evernote for Windows. Not the sidebar, the main window that appears upon clicking "Notebooks" on the sidebar.
  6. What's wrong with a forum in which members help other members with Evernote issues? And why should that concern those who have no questions or complaints to post? Excuse me for being blunt but what do you care? Isn't Evernote support only available to paying customers?
  7. How can one disable or hide the "Recent" list that appears in the "Notebooks" window? It's a matter of privacy. It wasn't there in earlier releases. All I want is the "Your List" to appear.
  8. Why all these limitations developers put in their apps? It's ridiculous. I'm currently using OneNote 2010 with OneNote Mobile 14 (the old versions) syncing through SkyDrive. The new OneNote 2013 is great but when I installed it, the so-called "freemium" version, it killed all the features that I had in OneNote 2010 like Outlook integration and the only way I can get that back is to buy Office 2013. Hell no. I uninstalled OneNote 2013. I was going to stay with old OneNote but I looked into Evernote. I liked what I saw and installed Evernote desktop. It's fantastic. It even integrates nicely in Outlook 2010. Now all that was needed for a marriage made in heaven is the Evernote Mobile. I thought, this is the answer to all my prayers. I haven't even gotten around to installing the Evenote Mobile and this thread caught my eye. I can't believe that a sophisticated piece of software like Evernote, it's mobile version doesn't have such a simple functionality. At least on OneNote Mobile 14, you are able to delete pages. If you can do it in OneNote, why not Evernote?
  9. You only have the option there to install. I want to download the APK and install that. I don't like installing direct from the Market, I prefer the APK.
  10. I'm looking for the APK for Android. Where can I get it?
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