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  1. Hi Troy, The gear should show the recent notes as listed if you use the Evernote widget on your phone, and tell it to display recent notes ... basically the notes you looked at recently on your phone. Could you try using the Evernote widget to display recent notes, and let me know if you are seeing something different? Thanks, Damian You are the man...as long as I look at them they show(I thought i had to edit...looking is much easier)...thank you!
  2. Damian, I have noticed that the recent notes on my gear are only synced from notes that I create on my gear. If I create them on my desktop they do not populate on the watch, even though they are now recent notes on my phone. I have to go in and edit the note in some way on my phone for it to show up on the gear. Are their any plans to remedy this? Ideally, I would like to send notes to my evernote from anywhere and have them show as recent on the watch... I also wish it would display more than 5 notes... finally, a shortcut widget to recent notes would be awesome... Thank you in advance, Troy~
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