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  1. I'm with you guys on this! This change in functionality has been annoying me for some weeks now. Can we have it back the way it was or a check box to allow it to operate the way it did in the past?
  2. Never mind... it just popped up in the Programs list after waiting some time with the window open (like 5 minutes).
  3. I'm in the same boat as you Christopher. Working through a syncing issue with tags with tech support and they asked me to uninstall Evernote. It's not in the list of Programs and I can't find any Uninstall.exe type file for Evernote. Interesting dilemma. Will keep you posted.
  4. On Saturday while offline on Windows laptop version I created 20+ tags while tagging notes. The tags won't sync with the Web or Android. I can rename the tags and the tags will show up in the tag list but won't show any of the notes have been tagged with them (most of the time, a couple times it did show the notes that were tagged, but it's not consistent). I've restarted the computer and everything else is syncing fine. If I create a new tag while online it works fine. If I move the tag out of it's parent tag it shows up (but no notes are tagged). I can then move it back to it's nested location and the tag will show but no notes are tagged by the tag. Editing the note will not make them show up either. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  5. So this morning I came in and all notes are now showing. The only thing I can think of that I did was restart the computer (which restarted Evernote too I guess). Problem solved for now.
  6. Thank mate for the response. Yes, it is showing the type as a Synchronized Notebook and I do have plenty of upload allowance left for the current month. Strangely enough this morning I created a note on my way in to work and when I got to the office it was synced with the Windows Desktop side. I will open a ticket.
  7. Love Evernote! Been using it for sometime now! Looked through about a dozen threads to find a similar issue and couldn't. Android and Web apps show fine. Windows software shows the note count at the end of 1 of the notebook titles (i.e. "Notebook Title (3)") but doesn't show the actual notes in the right hand side when you select the notebook (all the other notebooks I've tested seem to be working fine, this notebook is my default and is set to sync). Creating/editing notes in the notebook on Android or Web app doesn't make them appear on the Windows side. Creating/editing a note on the Windows side in that notebook does appear on the Android and Web side apps. This has been working fine for months up until I noticed it today. Ideas? Thank you all in advance.
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