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  1. Same here. Worked perfectly for a few days, then today, for no apparent reason, I got that "No internet connection" error. Tried to reinstall, can't login at all now, "Unknown error", it says. You finally released a real clipper for Firefox (and I guess that delay was Firefox fault), but it does seem to be full of bugs like these. I don't know if you hate Firefox or if it's hard to work with, but I would really appreciate someone looking into this, especially since a bunch of people has the same problem. I've seen a lot of threads on this forum and others over a long period of time. And no, using the old version of the Evernote Clipper isn't a solution (if that works, like the post above me claims). That Clipper was the whole reason I was forced to use Chrome for several years because it didn't have enough functionality. Edit: After 3-4 reinstalls and restarts of Firefox, I was finally able to login and clip again. I can't tell you why, but clearly, something isn't right, so most of my post still stands in my mind.
  2. This is a VERY strong statement, and given what I can see of my particular problem, almost certainly not true. Also, registry cleaners are in general a VERY BAD IDEA. DO NOT USE THEM. I have to agree, this is not a good idea. Cleaners can really damage your registry even more than it was before. Yes, some cleaners are better than others, but there are no guarantees. Also, like eric scoles pointed out, this shouldn't even be the reason Evernote keeps going to "not responding" status. Sure, a bad registry can mess things up, but I can't say this connection seems very logical. Evernote as a client is so big and complex now and maybe they focused a little too much on the many new features and forgot about the most important things, a speedy interface for example. That would be my guess, or at least in combination with a big note archive accumulated over a long period of time. That seems like a bad combo if the Evernote client isn't optimized as it used to be before all the clutter. An easy fix that at least minimized the problem were to switch to an SSD, but other people have also commented on experiencing the same thing regardless of HDD setup, but in different degrees maybe. SSD should speed things up even if the programming isn't great. I use a lot of heavy software, so for me an SSD is a logical switch anyway, but I can't say I'm very confident about great results in regard to this issue. Evernote have work to do here and the problem has just gotten worse over the last years, not better, which once again, points to all the clutter being one of the problems. I haven't looked all over the Internet after ideas though, maybe I missed something outside these threads.
  3. So now I'll reveal some great news for those people who are in need of that kind of service that m00min once posted here, a script that solves these questions and in a stylish way. What that means you can read on the first page in this thread basically, it's not that different from before, but the big difference is that it may work again I work with a very competent programmer on all of this at the moment and we will see how far we can get. I won't promise the world, it's still not an easy mission and with so many moving parts, everything can fail. Although this is the first time since the webhook connection to m00mins add_to_en-script stopped working that we have something fresh again. It's no use going into details but the idea is that every person here should be able to use it. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to write or read code, how to setup a server, how to do other computer related stuff. I promise to make detailed instructions that are as long as my reply's in this thread and even longer So it won't be a short and complicated read me-document if we succeed, it will be very good instructions that everyone should be able to follow. If you don't need this kind of solution like some users who doesn't clip so many articles, you don't have to get it of course, but if you need it or want it, there's hope again. And I urge everyone out there that has experience with programming to contact me and work together with us to come up with the best possible solution. So if chimps or m00min is reading this we would like your input. The same goes for everybody else that knows something about PHP, API's, web servers, well, if you think you can help, contact me and I'll give you the details. In any case, we will present something very soon I hope, and I don't know how good it will be, but it will be something along the lines that I've been requesting for a long time now. My fingers are finally tired from all this writing, but as of a few days ago I have new hope and new help and I'm very very grateful for that. To be honest, I don't know if I need more help, I have a very competent programmer on my side. But at the same time, more help won't harm, especially if we're going to solve smaller but important things that for some reason won't work in version 1.0 so to speak. In other words, things are happening and I will be back with more information. But keep posting your ideas AND also requests, so that we know what we can do for you and you for us. It's a shame Pocket, Evernote or other companies like this cant collaborate on a more advanced level. They're leaving this kind work to people to do on their own time without pay and in the end for the companies benefit too. But if that's the only solution, we will go for it and fix everything we need to make this perfect. Evernote is too good of a program to just forget all about it and move on. Microsoft OneNote is coming on strong and we can't let them take over, can we? It's enough Office products out there, but they are stuck with clipping screenshots instead of html to their notes (which is pretty funny actually), so I wouldn't be too worried. I know I haven't given you many details about this but I will. At the moment I just wanted to tell you guys that things are in motion again, after an ice age of nothingness... PM me if you think you can help with Evernote's API or programming, or if you don't know that stuff, keep filling this thread with your own solutions and ideas, that's great.
  4. I like this idea, it's automatic and it uses IFTTT but without those damn excerpts, this is the whole articles I assume? What's not elegant about it? I haven't tried it yet, I never even knew about ukepper until now, so please, develop your thinking if you want. I'm sure I will test that site later though, but I don't like their rules about privacy, I guess they will sell things like mail addresses to adlists. I see nothing about limits or pricing so that must mean something, that's for sure. What it means I don't know, but have you had any problems with spam since you began using this service? Prvacy is important but so are a good alternative for articles to Evernote so this is a great idea, thank you for it, even if you talk about flaws. Everything can become better with time! The other solution, that guy has the right idea too, but obviously not a working one, the fulltextrssfeed is still down I'm afraid. Another problem with RSS feeds is their limited information even if they were able to get the whole article texts. What happens to pictures? Well, maybe they are included, we see that in RSS services all the time, but Pocket's RSS seems dull and lacking, I can't see any information about tags either. But as I said, the guy who wrote that page was on the right track, we should let him in here. And thank you so much flatlanderdox for your ideas, keep writing Especially about what you're missing with the current solution and so on.
  5. Thank you so much for joining the discussion! I've been frustrated of late because no one seems to care but we have a few followers there that do and now we have a few more I will be honest though, because I have some good news later on in the next message. That clipper you're talking about, Everclip, I really think it's awful, compared to the Chrome browser clipper to PC for example. But if that's your only complaint I think we already have a couple of good solutions for you! I mean, when I say it's awful, I mean for what my goal is with all this, Everclip does a job and it does that is does, nothing wrong with that. But for me, I need something a little more advanced. So for you I would recommend another clipper, or two clippers actually, the best one comes in the web browser Dolphin. That clipper has these +- and a frame so you can move what your clip and get a pretty nice clipping depending on the site. Sometimes it doesn't work to clip exactly just the part you want, but it's much better than Everclip in my mind, and it's also free if I'm not mistaken. It does mean that you have to use Dolphin though, but Dolphin is one of the best browsers out there so I would see that as a great upgrade. If you don't want to use Dolphin there's another clipper out there, I think you can buy it as a stand-alone app and as a add-on in Boat Browser, another excellent browser. That clipper isn't so advanced though, but I'm pretty sure both these clippers will let you choose notebooks and tags, or at least tags. Clipping can often be associated with one notebook automatically for some reason, but there's a fix for that somewhere I think. If you're having problems with these clippers, talk to me and we will figure it out, no problem. The add-on for Boat Browser is also free, but that's just a trial, so be sure to really install it when you are about to test it, I think it's for 15 days. And the Dolphin Evernote clipper, well, that's free forever. It doesn't come with Dolphin though, but if you install it as a plugin in Dolphin you'll get it for free. I'm not sure how these clippers handles pictures, I don't have any intention of using clippers that aren't very advanced so I don't remember, but you can try to go from Pocket (on your tablet/phone) into Dolphin or Boat and try to clip them and see if there's any difference to Pockets share function to Evernote. I think Pocket will work on that share function though, the text is good, I agree, but you are right about the pictures and there's one more problem if you want to clip 100 articles at the same time - you can't You can mark several articles in Pocket, but not for the share function, just for tagging and such. So that's why I cant use Pocket directly for my needs, I need to save too many articles in Evernote and I need an advanced solution for that. But that solution may be on it's was as we speak. I will talk more about that in the next reply, I've written too much already Thank you for your tips and recommendations, I hope mine can help you too! And don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Hello again guys, Since those who solved this problem earlier seems to be busy at the moment (m00min, chimps, I wish you well in the meantime), do we have any other ideas? I urge you to post anything you think can be of significance. Pocket just launched their over-prized premium service which is another reason for us to use Evernote as much as possible. I'm afraid Pocket will be full of ads and/or other restrictions in no time and before that happens this kind of solution would be great. Evernote themselves are too lazy to develop a real clipper to mobile devices, why? I have no idea. We know that Clearly and the Evernote Clipper plugins are great for computers, but for some reason we can't have them. Their official statement is that browsers for Android/iOS don't support extensions, all browsers except for Chrome supports extensions, at least on Android, so I guess there's a hidden reason somewhere. I can't figure out what it is though, just make us pay for it and everybody wins. Feedly have launched a service where you can save articles directly to Evernote in full form as I understand it, have anyone used this? How does it work compared to articles saved in Pocket? They take money for it so I guess it should be pretty good. The only problem is that not all articles or texts are something we read through RSS. And to register a new RSS service every time we wanted to save a text, well, that wouldn't work. It's good news though, it means that services like Feedly is starting to understand why Evernote is important and how to evolve their application to integrate with Evernote. Pocket doesn't seem very interested in doing that, especially not when they have their premium service which cost ridiculously much for so few bonuses. Readability is still a great alternative and I hope they take this opportunity to not only compete with Pocket, but also to integrate Readability and Evernote so we don't have to code advanced solutions to get what we want. So what do we do? chronistin had a good idea with pineco.me but that service is too limited, only five articles a day. They are also clipped in a very awkward way that needs some more work before it's useful for advanced purposes, article dates are missing and some other things too. Anyone have another solution? Or maybe someone can fix this broken webhook so we can get m00mins script to work again? Until they are back I'm open for any ideas and I promise to help you develop them if needed to the best of my abilities. It's 2014, we shouldn't have to waste time on this, but that's the case apparently. Thank you guys for your ideas and your support! Although I have no thanks for the Evernote team, if you really want us to use your product instead of Pocket, help us. Pocket is your competition now, not your friend.
  7. Great news m00min! This thread is starting to get some momentum again, Titus have more or less the same request I have, although I can narrow it down a bit and ask a couple of questions that might lead to me and others to getting this thing up and running. If I manage to get this working I promise I'll explain in great detail for absolute beginners how to set this up regarding PHP and so on in this thread. What I need from you m00min is some expertise, that's your area, the rest should work out. 1) Chips says that the service that supports your script, the IFTTT webhook script, is broken right now (hence the problem getting this thing up and running). Chips haven't got time to get into this right now, but if your AddtoEN-script on Github is working for you m00min, that would suggest you found a way around the broken webhook script, how? If that's true, are you running your own webhook script on your own server? Or have you found another way to solve this? Please elaborate. 1b) This webhook thing is over my head, but if I can setup my own webhook on my Apache server at home with some guidance that would really be helpful. If you have your own solution to this webhook problem I guess you don't want to share your server if there are more people getting interested, that's why I ask about using my own server, IF that's even the way to solve this broken webhook. 1c) If the conclusion about the webhook above is false, why do you think we have problems getting this thing working? A hard question maybe, but your readme is very easy to follow and the setup of your script, Add_To_En.php and the other files you provide on Github is pretty straight forward. I can't imagine the problem lies there, that's why I got stuck on the webhook which seems to be the culprit, also because chimps mentioned it of course. 2) Have you experienced any bugs/problems with your script when you're importing articles or other texts to Evernote? Is there something that should be addressed by either you or someone competent enough? Or is it still working fine after all this time? Questions 1, 1b and 1c is of course the most important questions, you can skip 2 if you like. I think we can live with some minor bugs as long as we get the whole texts into Evernote and not just these useless excerpts that IFTTT is offering at the moment. You don't have to elaborate too much; I know it's a lot to ask. The main goal with this post is getting some crucial answers regarding the broken(?) webhook, how to setup a new one if needed, how you can run your script right now and so on. Short answers could at least confirm what things we should be looking at, but feel free to elaborate as much as you want of course.
  8. Hello! This service could be really good with some improvements. I think people should voice their opinions openly about what they want, what's good, what's bad, and so on. In the end it is these users that are the first ones noticing this kind of services and their support means everything. In the meantime I've contacted you via PM for a in depth discussion on this topic, so please contact me and we'll discuss it further. In conjunction with that discussion we can hopefully correlate your ideas with a thread full of ideas, not only my own ideas, and see this service take off. I'm a huge believer that pineco.me, with some tweaks and alternatives, can be something big. I think the clear and easy presentation is great, but it also means that there is hidden potential in this project. So come on people, give your feedback after testing this service a few times. This is a brilliant idea, or will be in the near future I hope, for now it's just a very very good idea and a great platform.
  9. That would be great m00min! I'm sure you have some crucial knowledge that can be very useful; you're the creator after all. I have some short questions for you before we hear back from chimps regarding his rewrite, a reply which should be interesting. Do you still use your script m00min? If yes, is it the same version as before? What kind of problems/bugs, if any, have you observed? If you're not using it today I guess that last question answers why. Anyway, if you're using some version of your original idea/script today, some pointers to setting it up would be great. And if your version isn't working anymore, I'm sure some pointers by you would help with chimps rewrite of your script too I guess, so that would be helpful either way. Let's just see what's what and when you have the time, simple as that. I've got my own theory if nothing else seems to be working, but it's nothing more than a theory so I'll let the experts talk first. It hasn't been tested and I don't think it offers any new information or innovative thinking, it should be something you guys already covered when you tried to solve this (or actually did solve it). I can present a short version later for everyone to see though, just in case someone wants to write some code and try it in practice. Programming isn't my area so I'll leave that to others, but with the right combinations of API:s and services, maybe it's possible to create something. But as I said, let's begin with you guys that actually have something concrete already.
  10. Thank you so much for you answers, both chimps and chronistin. I have this need to write too long messages, so bear with me. Chimps, your work and your rewrite of m00mins solution, that's so great and admirable. Let's not forget m00mins part in this of course, and I hope he returns with new ideas. But in the meantime, you've done something that I haven't seen anywhere else. If something isn't working, someone else has to rewrite it of course. And most of us Evernote users aren't so good at that kind of stuff I'd imagine, that's why I wrote here publicly so we could all help each other with this kind of information. You say that it's still buggy, in what way exactly? I've been working on getting help on the original code and I'm still trying to get more people involved regarding rewriting and programming more advanced code for an optimal solution. Although if you're planning to rewrite this in ruby or java I guess you know what you're doing, but if you need any kind of assistance, I will try to help out and smooth over the buggy parts. You're way of thinking is great by the way, a rewrite in ruby or java would be a big advantage of course. Are you willing to share your rewrite? Even if it's buggy I guess you've done something right! And if we can get your version, even with bugs, maybe we can get more people involved as I said earlier. And maybe we can do something even better before the rewrite you're talking about doing, so you have the best possible foundation. You don't have to post it here on the forum right now if you don't want to or if you think it's too buggy, that's up to you. In any case, I'm personally very interested in your rewrite; it doesn't matter if it isn't perfect. so if you could provide your fork/version either here or by PM, that would be great. Maybe I'll need some guidance when setting it up, that depends on how you have constructed the whole thing, but one step at a time. Chronistin, regarding pineco.me, I will definitely do some deep research on that service. The idea seems solid and I hope your recommendation can help many users. But I think it's more for the casual user, 5 articles per day isn't much if you plan to have some kind of archive for free anyway. And I can't get any sense of what the premium deal is or the price for that matter, the site is pretty thin on information. I will contact the creator and ask some questions about that if someone else doesn't already know. There is one more problem with that concept though, say that you want to send a bunch of links in one go, then you'll have a problem I guess. Even if the number on articles per day were higher, the concept of quickly adding let's say 40 new articles isn't doable under these circumstances as I understand the service. But I will have a closer look and see if there is more advanced functions or at least plans to expand pinceco as a service, I just looked it up right now so I can be wrong here, but it seems to be one article, one mail so to speak. One thing I must point out is how beautiful the articles look in Evernote, that work is very impressing. Anyway, thank you again chronistin, every suggestion in this matter is vital and maybe this service is suitable for many, if not most of the users here. And people, don't be afraid to share your solutions, as you see we already have started this discussion that's been dead for a long time. A discussion that's very important if we're going to have a real integration between these applications in the future, hopefully a free solution based on one or as few services as possible. If there are too many sites or other things involved it's much less likely it'll be stable in the long run, Happy hunting people.
  11. Chimps, did you have any luck, setting this up? I think this is a brilliant idea from m00min and a much needed one since IFTTT for some reason decided to make their services unusable. Excerpts are useless if you want to store information in Evernote, through Pocket for example, since information tends to disappear sometimes. And on mobile devices Pocket and/or Readability is the only way if you value your time. The reason I'm asking is that I had some difficulties getting this add_to_en to work on my server. I even contacted m00min for guidance, but I got sidetracked with other projects at the time. Now it's time to try again and I think it's our duty to spread this information and let everybody know what can be done. That is if it's still working of course, but let's hope so. If you got it working chimps (and m00min still going strong), an oversimplified guide to accomplish this would serve a great purpose. I will now try for myself when the time is right and maybe I'll get it right this time, but if not, some detailed help would be wonderful. Not just for me but for the whole community, that's why I write here and not in private. M00mins guide is already very good, but for people without any server or PHP experience it may be tough. So why don't we use this thread to help each other? I'm sure this is a feature that's only going to attract more people because of the benefits. And maybe there is room for improvement? Readability is starting to make a mark, can their parser handle every image without problems? Or even video in the feature? So I'm asking everybody for help so we finally can make Evernote to a modern archive for real in the feature. Let's hope that this can be accomplished, I won't read another excerpt with a simple link if there is a solution, that's for sure. Thank you.
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