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  1. Same here. Worked perfectly for a few days, then today, for no apparent reason, I got that "No internet connection" error. Tried to reinstall, can't login at all now, "Unknown error", it says. You finally released a real clipper for Firefox (and I guess that delay was Firefox fault), but it does seem to be full of bugs like these. I don't know if you hate Firefox or if it's hard to work with, but I would really appreciate someone looking into this, especially since a bunch of people has the same problem. I've seen a lot of threads on this forum and others over a long period of time. And no, using the old version of the Evernote Clipper isn't a solution (if that works, like the post above me claims). That Clipper was the whole reason I was forced to use Chrome for several years because it didn't have enough functionality. Edit: After 3-4 reinstalls and restarts of Firefox, I was finally able to login and clip again. I can't tell you why, but clearly, something isn't right, so most of my post still stands in my mind.
  2. Hello! This service could be really good with some improvements. I think people should voice their opinions openly about what they want, what's good, what's bad, and so on. In the end it is these users that are the first ones noticing this kind of services and their support means everything. In the meantime I've contacted you via PM for a in depth discussion on this topic, so please contact me and we'll discuss it further. In conjunction with that discussion we can hopefully correlate your ideas with a thread full of ideas, not only my own ideas, and see this service take off. I'm a huge believer that pineco.me, with some tweaks and alternatives, can be something big. I think the clear and easy presentation is great, but it also means that there is hidden potential in this project. So come on people, give your feedback after testing this service a few times. This is a brilliant idea, or will be in the near future I hope, for now it's just a very very good idea and a great platform.
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