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  1. I think this thread is already in the right place to vote. As far as I can tell we just need to scroll right to the top and click the up arrow above the number (to the left of the title of the post).
  2. Nudge - since I added the question as a later edit, I'm guessing it was easily missed!
  3. Excellent news thanks Jackolicious! But when is that expected to be? Is that like "Q3 1015" or "in the next point release, in about a fortnight"?
  4. And in April 2014 - two years on - it's still driving me nuts! Unless I'm missing something in the options, every time it starts a sync - I am distracted by sudden movement on my other monitor. It drives me wild and has done for months. Surely this would be an easy option to enable? Something like: "Show animation for regular sync"
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