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  1. ArthurBiz

    Other Webclipper for Brave browser

    Please, please, please!! Do that for Brave community! People enjoy there privacy, but no one wants to sacrifice productivity!
  2. ArthurBiz


    Thank you so much, solution was just by holding Ctrl and Copy Note Link!
  3. ArthurBiz


    Hello everybody. So long story short, I'm trying to create a presentation via Microsoft Visio 2013 and of course I wanna use hyperlinks, so they could open the direct note i want by clicking buttons in Visio. Two days ago somehow I did that and it worked perfectly, the link itself looked like this: evernote:///view/50421623/s303/c1dd2eca-114e-4e54-ab6a-e286009e1d0d/c1dd2eca-114e-4e54-ab6a-e286009e1d0d/ and it went directly to the Evernote app on my PC or iPad, today i tried the same thing but the link look differently, like this : https://www.evernote.com/shard/s303/nl/50421623/64dd99fc-967e-464c-862e-a0dba78afa0e and instead of going directly to the app, I'm going to web version of my Evernote, so what I'm asking is how to create a link from the first example I made, so I can go directly to the app, thank you so much!