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  1. Hi everyone, Some clarification: Each student was using a separate iPad, so no issues there. In fact, I do not think that ExpainEverything is even the issue here. Let me phrase it like this: When the students create a video and upload it to their personal account, I then need them to move that note (with the video) to a shared, Business, notebook that I have created from my Business account for each student. When they migrate the note, the video is lost. Are there EN issues with moving notes, with an attached video, from personal to business notebooks? Note: These business notebooks are not ones that they own, but ones that they do have complete read/write access to. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am a teacher, and recently had my students use ExplainEverything (an iPad app) to take pictures and do a screen cast explanation of their work. ExplainEverything allows for users to export their videos directly to their Evernote accounts. This was done, no problem; however, the only option to export from EE to EN was to the students' default, personal folder. No problems here. The issue came next. Each student has a separate folder, which I created and shared individually with each student and his/her parent(s). I had my students move their uploaded EE video note from their personal folder to their shared folder. As soon as they did this, the video was lost along the way. Any text that was typed in, shows up on my end, but no video (which is what I want). This is also the case for the students. From an EN perspective, is there an issue with moving notes, with attached .mp4 files, from one notebook to another? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello, Likely a week ago now, I filled out the Evernote for Schools form, but I have not gotten any sort of reply. I even went a step further a few days later and used the EN Business contact form to email and find out about getting approval and trying to figure out what's taking so long. My principal does not want me to go ahead and invoice our school for $720 (6 users x $120) when we should not have any trouble being approved and only being charged $180 (6 users x $30). Please advice what I have done wrong, or if someone can confirm that my application has been received and give a time frame on when I can expect it to be reviewed. Much appreciated, Mike
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