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  1. OMG So, Frustrating! I've updated to version, and I now have this problem. I have a Yoga 900; the screen is 13.3" and the absurd margins are extremely annoying. It's small screen to start with and now I'm losing even more real estate. Even worst I can't seem to find a download for the previous version that was working just fine for me. If anyone knows where I can find the latest version of desktop for Windows that doesn't have this problem, please let me know. At a minimum, it would be very much appreciated if the Evernote team would offer the option to turn margin off and on. It takes up way too much precious real estate on our smaller laptop screens. Update to my post: I found an earlier version of Evernote desktop for Windows that doesn't have this margin issue. Evernote version 6.5 GA ( Don't forget to turn on enable on-demand sync. To turn it on, go to Tools > Options > Synchronization and select "Enable on-demand sync." Link - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105063-evernote-for-windows-65-ga-released/
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