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  1. I've read that IQTell has turned around from the previously announced closing, but am wondering if the company is still active. I used the product a year ago and am just now back evaluating GTD apps for my use. Last year, the forum was very active with constant input and replies from employees. Now it's a ghost town. The last answer provided from an IQTell I can find was a month ago. Many questions have 0 replies. I sent an email to support a couple of days ago and have received nothing but the auto-response. I still think it may be the best option, but I need to know the company is viable and provides support. Any thoughts appreciated. 

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      Support has addressed and solved my issue. Once they got into it, the solution was quick and complete. Kudos to IQTell support

  2. While composing email in IQTell, there's an elaborate toolbar that allows setting / changing font, font color, etc. Also, images can be dragged-and-dropped into the email body, as well as attached (please click on the paper-clip icon). Same goes when customizing email signatures: https://kb.iqtell.com/email/email-signatures In addition to images and any files on the computer, users can also attach objects (files) from their Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more (please take a look at the attached screenshot of the toolbar availabale while composing email.) For all IQTell specific questions, feel free to browse our KB at https://kb.iqtell.com/ Also, feel free to visit our user forum at https://getsatisfaction.com/iqtell as well as send email to support@iqtell.com Thanks! Email - Attaching files using drag-and-drop.pdf
  3. To clarify, IQTell is not shutting down and is moving forward full steam ahead, this is as per our announcement on August 22, 2015. Our operations have been up and running through all this time and going forward, for many years to come. IQTell is included in the App Center and is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. www.iqtell.com
  4. Responding to Patrick's post: IQTell would indeed be interested to explore possibilities for a joint EN-IQ Premium package that will include IQTell paid subscription. Hence, a complete note taking, organization solution along with email, calendars, contacts and task / project management capabilities. Responding to Enki's post: IQTell uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet protocol, plus all your sensitive data is saved using 128-bit encrypted fields. As for privacy, we have just passed TRUSTe's rigorous inspection. We have been certified by TRUSTe since 2011 For more information please see http://iqtell.com/safe-secure/
  5. While IQTell does indeed help achieving Inbox Zero, its functionality offers a complete solution for task / project management. In particular the hierarchy of Projects, "children" Tasks, and "children" Sun-tasks. More-so, with its built-in Contact Management, Projects, Tasks and Sub-tasks all link and reflect the corresponding staff members involved in same. This also applies to IQTell's Sharing & Collaboration capabilities, which facilitates the delegation of Tasks, etc. among team members, which is augmented by automated notification when delegated and when completed. As for email integration, since many To-do items and Tasks are "triggered" from email and, furthermore, since a substantial amount of emails are related to Projects and Tasks, having email integration whereby said emails are attached to Projects and Tasks, similarly to Evermore notes attached to same, provides users with "seeing the picture at a glance", i.e., managing Projects and Tasks, seeing not only all "children" items, but also all related email correspondence, people, as well as Evernote notes. Having said that, it is no doubt that Evernote is the best note collection and data organization tool out there. Hence, the "marriage", i.e., the tight integration between Evernote and a productivity solution such as IQTell offers excellent added value to our joint users.
  6. Recent blog by one of our users. You'll be pleased to see what he has to say about the integration with Evernote. http://slymarketing.com/iqtell/
  7. IQTell is a productivity app that seamlessly integrates your Evernote, Email, Calendars, Tasks, Projects and more. How can you leverage Evernote with IQTELL? Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more. Swipe any Email into an Evernote note (Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3) Manage Evernote notebooks, notes and tags inside IQTELL Turn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc. Add Evernote notes as events on your calendars Attach notes as support material to your tasks, projects, and more. For additional information watch this video or read these topics in our Knowledge Base Quick & Easy Set-Up: Sync your Evernote account from the IQTELL Web, iOS or Android apps. Evernote & IQTell – a fully integrated solution Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more. Tag your Evernote notes to automatically create tasks, projects, and more in your IQTELL account. Reminders set in Evernote will automatically sync to IQTELL. Checkboxes will automatically create children items in IQTELL. For example, a note tagged as a “Project” that has several checkboxes will create a Project with several tasks in IQTELL. Auto-embedded links allow for quick and easy navigation from Evernote to IQTELL and vice versa. Priority, Due Dates, etc. – you can set task and project related fields either in Evernote or IQTELL. See how. Swipe any Email into an Evernote note Swipe any email to create an Evernote note. See how. Any email attachments will be available in Evernote. Supported Email: Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3 Use Evernote notes as support material for your tasks, projects, and on your Calendar Using the IQTELL Web app, you can access your Evernote notebooks, notes, and tags. Select Evernote notes(s) and easily link them as support materials on your tasks projects, and more. Add Evernote notes to your calendar. The Calendar Event will have a link back to your Evernote note.
  8. As for the very topic of this thread "Task managing that pulls from Evernote?" hope you will all be glad to know that the auto-conversion of notes to tasks, projects and more - directly from your Evernote Notebooks is now possible. IQTELL has just released its new feature, dubbed "EN2IQ", doing exactly that. So, now you can have your notes and your productivity, too.
  9. To clarify, coming out of Beta, IQTELL will continue offering sync of email, calendars and contacts. These services will be available for Premium and Platinum subscriptions.. It will also be available for anyone trying out Premium for 60 days. For users who cannot afford what would be a fee of $4.16/month, they can request and we will consider extending the initial 60 days by at least 6 months.
  10. Thanks for your kind words. My full name is Ran J Flam, founder and CEO of IQTELL.
  11. For free accounts, IQTELL will continue offering full task management functionality as well as unlimited capabilities and two-way sync with Evernote . Email, calendar and contact sync will require a paid subscription, which will be $4.16 per month (considering an annual fee of $49.95).
  12. Recently, team IQTELL has identified and fixed an inbound sync issue. Users have confirmed that the two-way sync EN <--> IQ is working as expected. On the topic of email. Email is not required to manage tasks in IQ. Email and notes are the two main input streams were "things to do" are initiated. In many cases, turning email and notes into tasks is key for traceability and accountability. That is, using quantitative data such as Due Dates, Next Actions, Delegated To, Time Needed as well as integrating with calendar events is key for keeping track of progress and ultimately, getting things done.
  13. IQTELL is currently addressing an issue, which is related to the initial sync and which in turn, is related to handling the quota of API calls. Evernote is a great product and we're committed to our integration with Evernote. Consequently, we appreciate any feedback users can provide us. For direct support, please feel free to email support@iqtell.com Thanks.
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