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  1. No point now - people committed to Linux have found other solutions - mostly using other platforms. And with it Evernote has lost some of their best recommenders. Look back to see why NixNote may be useful tactically but would fail any serious strategic review. No fault of its developer - more that Evernote couldn't be bothered to breathe a bit of support to sustain it across distro and library upgrades
  2. I have gotten Evernote to work under Wine and used third party clients. Thought that had got it sorted many years ago. But Evernote updates broke the wine implementation (by messing up the pseudo registry - something you don't really want to disentangle). Also updates to *ubuntu broke the Linux clients as they were not supported and updated to run current libraries. Pity EV couldn't have picked up one and run with it. We, and many others, might still have been with them Which said to me trying to fix a problem with no support would only lead to a greater problem in the future - and THE BO
  3. It was in the PC business when PC was synonymous with Windows. It no longer is. Many businesses now wish to have a choice of what OS they wish to choose. Many software suppliers make hardware independence a core part of their offering. That's the way the market is moving. Good software design these days should be layered so implementing on a particular environment should be straightforward if required. Those of us who have had a good look at the EV code begin to understand why a Linux client isn't an easy spin off. Fair enough, many suppliers have inherited legacy code that restricts
  4. Too late lad. I've already cut'n'run. Evernote may yet have to learn its a jolly lot easier to lose customers than win them back. If they haven't taken note of the previous 17 pages I don't see a late change of heart. Their business plan is clear. Your choice if you want to be part of it and how much you commit so you will always will have a choice. Best Wishes and thanks for the fish.
  5. Oh well - its finally goodbye Evernote. I was an Evernote evangelist - though never a premium member as I had to depend on somebody else's Linux client (thank you Nixnote) hence no support from EV. When they declared NeverLinux I stopped recommending a product that would tie our clients to one declining OS. I also made sure it didn't become mission critical in my company. But it was still useful. Until now. Making two user unless you pay for no supported client makes it useless to us. EV clearly are now interested in only the premium Windows market so our departure won't be missed. S
  6. The new CEO comes from a more Linux friendly/platform independent company. Maybe his new team does too. A very pragmatic company. Fingers crossed. I'll be looking for any management changes on the technical front.
  7. I am running NixNote beta 4 as I'm still looking for an alternate solution. Beta 4 is actually quite good. It is just not suitable for enterprise deployment because, as with previous versions, it used depracated libraries. I could only get it working under Kubuntu 15.10 with a fix to the configuartion file. You can find how to do that in the github comments. Hopefully beta 5 may have sorted this but, because of the very nature of the beast, it may fail again when we get to 16.04, 16.10 ... Its so annoying that Evernote appear to have an almost perfect solution on their doorstep that with a l
  8. Yes been there (Kubuntu 15.04), Got the same message and T-shirt. Did the usual tricks, none worked. Even when I got an earlier version working it broke on an upgrade and screwed the registry. Wine/Evenote is not a stable solution. Nay I don't think its a geek solution either. NixNote 2 beta 4 will install with a bit of fiddling with backport repositories to include some deprecated libraries and then works very well. So that is a geek solution but not a deployable solution. Let's face it Evernote with Linux don't mix and the company intends to keep it that way. Fine it is their choice but th
  9. The most obvious was use of obscene language. The poster has since removed this. This has been, mostly, a serious subject discussed seriously. Misconstruing stuff and attempting to belittle contributors with tendentious comment at best gets us nowhere and and worst invites reprisals. To re-iterate my position: 1) EV have the right, nay a duty, to take business decisions in their perceived best interests of the stakeholders, 2) Not having a Linux agent has an impact beyond the Linux market 3) The application market is moving towards being OS agnostic. EV is getting increasingly out of line.
  10. See upthread as to why this is difficult. Good luck if you can get it working. You may need more luck to keep it working. It is not a stable deployable solution hence not really a revenue opportunity for Evernote. Same for NixNote 2. The WINE problem is the current EV solution appears to need more than a bog standard Windows API. It isn't designed to be OS agnostic so I guess EV are stuck without an expensive rewrite that won't do anything but possible regress their main market. That's why they say no. Though adopting NixNote/Java and sorting it into a distributable version using current lib
  11. Yes. I gave up on Wine. It was good at first but couldn't cope with updates. They knackered the registry. On another linux system later versions would not install at all. There is much in forums as to why. NixNote 2.0 is ok if you can get it running. Because they are alphas/beta they are not likely to be in your repositories and do not use current libraries. Hence you have to do manual install and then enable backports and run different library versions in parallel. Fun if you are a geek but no solution for a production system. Which is why I have deprecated Evernote. I'm sure even EV can't
  12. Just to say I had a bad experience with running Evernote under Wine. It installed and ran fine. Then when it decided to upgrade it wouldn't because of a registry issue. But it nixed the working system and there is no easy way to clear the registry out. As I run many other Windows programs under Wine I don't want to re-install that. Which underlines the product is unsupported and unsafe as a mission critical product for organisations running Linux. For that you need to look elsewhere, Evernote appear to wish to be the last man standing amongst major cloud vendors in not offering a Linux clien
  13. @QuackGoesThePenguin can I please ask you take your moderator issue to PM or a new thread? You are disrupting an important discussion on persuading Evernote to commission a Linux Client. That is the important bit. Whether the moderator is a white knight or Evernote stooge doesn't really matter. The only thing that matters to me (and I suspect other contributors here) is that Evernote reconsiders its decision. And does it for its own benefit as well as ours. We are all frustrated but letting that frustration rip isn't going to help. Peace please.
  14. Yes I have every sympathy for your point. In the absence of any commitment to a Linux client I am being forced (its hardly an option) to find another product. But I doubt either of us is going to be missed. The reason, I guess, why we don't have a client is that the Linux market is just not big enough. We can all disappear and the bean counters reckon the total revenue take will be impacted less than the R&D cost of a Linux client. But, and here is the point that EV may have missed, is that Linux folk are a ***** lot. We are not ordinary users. Almost by definition we are power users and
  15. But won't that destroy or damage your other applications with registry entries? Wine is fine for stable legacy applications. But can't be serious for for new fast evolving mission critical unsupported applications. What works today may not work in the next version and if the supplier is not interested in fixing it where does one go?
  16. Be careful. I too got Evernote working superbly under Wine. I thought that the solution. Then I updated it (or let it update itself). The update failed and nixed the installation. I found (despite much googling) that it is virtually impossible to completelly de-install Everrnote from the Registry (you need information that was destroyed in the nixing). Evernote do not provide a proper de-install program. And you can't re-install because it thinks it already installed. I guess I could labour on to find an Evernote solution. But that is not our business or area of expertise. Hence we took th
  17. Peace. I deliberately did not quote you because I was working from memory which is why I used the inexact 'suggest'. I apologise that the extra word 'all' crept into my memory. It tends to happen at a certain age. In my mind that makes little difference to the statement being made. I always seek to avoid argument and have no desire to misquote. I was merely making a point for consideration. After all EN are not going to do anything because they have been out argued. They should do it only because it is in their self interest. However, if that is clouded my any misconception then it would be
  18. Yesterday we converted our last XP desktops to Linux. Not something we wanted to do but Microsoft gave us little choice. It was frustrating that EN not only not provide a Linux client but tries to stop you trying to run it under Wine. When you go to the EN download it autodetects Linux, refuses and says use the web version. It doesn't offer the Windows version as an alternative. I had to do a bit of hacking to find a link to the Windows version to download and install. Are you trying to unnecessarily alienate this OS base? At least offer the Windows alternative so it can be run under Wine. A m
  19. Just to remind EN management that the world's second most popular operatiing system went unsupported yesterday. That's 27% or so of all users looking for somewhere to go and if it were Windows 7 or 8 they might have already gone. Linux (in all its varieties) is going to pick up a proportion of those. Plus while we have been using it on our Kubuntu machines under Wine - its not an ideal consumer experience and, of course, requires a Intel compatible processor which like MS dominated the market but share is beginning to slip. Just askin' if in the light of the rapidly and unexpectedly (at leas
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