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  1. This format is becoming much more popular these days. Very frustrating when you can't clip this type of format. Please add to the supported formats.
  2. The issue is only on iOS devices for me. Every other devices/platform works fine.
  3. I also discovered what @ekelchner has suggested as a stop gap but this issue has been ongoing for sometime now. Hope it can get resolved quickly.
  4. Never got a reply yesterday from tech support. I would think this would be a big deal for others not being able to see PDF's!
  5. I got a reply back from support that the issue is with a bug in the recent update to Evernote ScanSnap scanner software. Been waiting for two days on a reply of when they expect this to be resolved. This is a MAJOR issue for anyone depending on their notes on a iOS device. Evernote just tell me when you will address this issue please. -Edgar
  6. Using the EvenNote SnapScan, PDF files on the iOS devices show up the file name but the PDF file is not clickable. You just get a blank outline of where the PDF file should be to click and open. You can go back to the Mac or Windows version, open up the PDF file, save and then it will show up on the iOS device. Scanning too many documents to do this on every new document I create.
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