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  1. I had been occupied with the death of someone close to me and I lost track of use of only 2 free Evernote accounts per person, erc. I noticed a note appearing on my Desktop which reminded me of all of these things; and it said to click there to update Evernote for Desktop. So I did and in a short while, it jammed saying that it couldn't find the final folder in the path holding evernote.exe or perhaps evernote.msi. I tried over and over as it suggested because it might help. I even sought help from the Microsoft Forums. No one could tell me how to write a proper path to a proper folder. So I went to Evernote on the web,for the first time (Stupid Me) and the newest note was from Evernote telling me to click on this giant link https://www.evernote.com/shard/s224/nl/26324946/c966d551-e829-4a7a-88e9-a48f8eba199d?title=Move the Path to solve my problems. It couldn't, at the end because it said it was invalid. I suspect it had just aged out of usefulness. I believe both want an evernote.msi file. Can someone please help me ??? Explain how to write a path on Windows 10??? I can't understand what happened to my original path. Greg Dolecki
  2. Thank you, StLouisMan2. That worked beautifully. It is newer than my previous older copy. I think that will be fine until there is another version I can install. You are welcome JohnBecker.
  3. Same problem as everyone else and tried the same things as everyone else as well. Windows 64 bit home premium version. Ticket No. 450049 - Update failure. While waiting for your solution to my problem, I went to the Forums and found this link: http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/prerelease/Evernote_5.3.0.3188.exe for an Evernote version earlier than Evernote_5.3.0.3360 which is the one that won't install properly for me. That version installed properly on my computer. So I have something for time being.
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