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  1. Thank you as well for the heads up about signing out before handing over my phone. I've learned quite a lesson... not to use my cell like it's a computer by storing so much data on it and never really moving files. Very time consuming and frustrating! I will sign off tonight. Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much for responding to my question and giving me comfort in this area. I miss the old ways where I could call someone up and receive assistance. You were a blessing to me for something that is most likely simple figure out for you. Again, thank you. Kim
  3. I have to replace my android phone and need to know if all the data I have stored on my cell's APP will be deleted from my online Evernote account. Does anyone know the answer? As you can tell, I'm not savvy when it comes to APPs. Just don't want to risk losing my information I have if I delete the APP itself on my cell, that's all. Thanks!
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