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  1. Paste as Text option is no longer available in notes with a right click context menu (Paste and Match Style a replacement in the menu location)?
  2. It doesn't seem to prevent any function, I can still edit & add after I dismiss the warning, and the newly added/modified notes still sync to other devices. Just more of an inconvenience.
  3. I will use the default from now on, just didn't want anyone to think I just posted without searching first. Thanks for the quick answers.
  4. apparently the issue is you can't select "forums" as the search filter . . . it seems to exclude that thread somehow
  5. I used a hyphen also: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c2jF3OnMCb
  6. Thanks, maybe I should also open another thread about how a search in the forums for the phrase read-only doesn't return a post that clearly has the exact phrase in the title?
  7. Ever since my update to I get the following notice whenever I create a new notebook or click on any notebook that has not been previously clicked on since the update on any of my 6 devices: http://d.pr/i/qYLb 3 Windows 7 Home Premium computers 2 Windows 7 Pro computers 1 Mac OS X
  8. I just grabbed the 5.3 update and happen to notice the release notes don't have any information between this current update and, shouldn't the rest of the interim release notes be included there? So far the same result on 4 systems (2 Win 7 HP & 2 Win 7 Pro).
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