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  1. Thanks but autocomplete assumes I know the tag to begin with. Let's say I'm looking at an electronic item I'd like to purchase. I've got a tag for electronics I often use and would likely remember to enter it with autocomplete. But, because I've forgotten that a tag I use infrequently is "Warranty", I'm missing the opportunity to add a second tag because I don't see my list and am reminded I could use it. If my list of tags was viewable in Web Clipper like the desktop version, I'd have added "Warranty". BTW: I use the latest versions of IE, Firefox, and Chrome. I routinely update all my software.
  2. When I clip a URL or page I want to add a tag. I have about 20 tags -- some used frequently and some infrequently. How can I get the list of tags to show in Web Clipper similar to the desktop version so I can choose the tag(s)?
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