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  1. ***** - that's really disheartening. Thank you for your effort. Edit - I said c r a p and it edited it out. Too funny.
  2. I was browsing on my phone last night and saving webpages to EN to go back and review later. Each webpage has an image and NONE of my saved notes show ANY of the images. The website is http://www.vecteezy.com/. Can someone please test this to see if it's the site or EN? I'm using Chrome in both Android & Windows. I tried it this morning from my work computer and no image is showing when I save from it, either. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  3. +++++++++++++! For a dark option. I too, have vision issues and dark is best for me. Everything I can possible change to a "dark" theme is dark. And please, do this for ALL apps - not just iphone - and ALL parts of the app.
  4. There are a couple that do this now: ColorNote and Extensive Notes Pro can both SMS a list from within their app as text to an SMS recipient. I wanted to be able to get more funcationality out of Evernote and am very surprised to see that this functionality does not exist. What I haven't found is ANY app/service that can sync notes from desktop (or browser) to phone and then SMS a text list. And that is unfortunate. Not everyone has a smartphone.
  5. I saw this last mentioned in 2009 - and it still hasn't been implemented yet? I can chose "share" on the note, but it sends a link instead of the actual note. Is it really true that you cannot share the contents of a note, just the link? Is Evernote really this far behind on this? I email my grocery lists to my wife who does not have a smartphone - so sending her a link is useless. Please advise if I'm missing something. Or is there a thrid party app that can do this from Evernote lists? Thanks in advance!
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