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  1. Thanks @gazumped. I’m trying to stay within one tool, so Filterize may be my best bet for now. Thanks for the pointer
  2. Hi -- I'm having trouble using Evernote to manage a growing volume of notes related to professional networking and associated conversations. I find myself tracking these by: Saving a snapshot of someone's LinkedIn profile to Evernote in a People note book as a sort of "About this person" page. I often add a section to this page where I make my own notes about the person. Saving a snapshot of a company's home page to Evernote in a Companies notebook as a sort of "About this company" page. I often add a section to this page where I make my own notes about the company. Using Evernote to record notes during calls/meetings with people from various companies, which go into a Meetings notebook. The note is dated, and I keep track of the name of the people (and their companies). As the volume grows, I increasingly need to be able to quickly see everything I know about a given person or company. I'd like to be able to: Go to a given Person note and see a chronological list of meetings I've had with them (links to the meeting notes), as well as company/ies they work(ed) for. Go to a given Company page and see a list of all the people I'm tracking from that company. Have the meeting notes page link to the pages for the people and/or companies involved, rather than just listing them out in text. Is there a way to have this simple cross-referencing maintained automatically, either by Evernote or perhaps some 3rd party tool? There are dedicated "manage my network" apps that are trying to do this but they all have their own note taking features, which means my notes would no longer be centralized in Evernote, so I'm looking for a solution that will keep me in EN. Any suggestions? Ramon
  3. I have several notes that show up in search results, but won't open when you click on them. This is very reproducible across restarts, and shows up on both Mac client and Web UI. What are the next steps to debug further? Thanks, Ramon
  4. Hi all -- Is there a search syntax (or workaround or 3rd party tool) that allows me to search Evernote for content specifically in a bullet in a list in a note? That is, something that allows me to ask "Find all Notes that have at least one bullet point whose text includes "followup" or "roadmap"? It seems like there are some features that let you find Checkbox (todo) items, but I'm looking for a more generalized that matches against a custom syntax/pattern rather than just "has a checkbox" Any suggestions? Thanks, Ramon
  5. Hi -- As part of my new year's resolution(s), I'm trying to fix a longstanding problem I've been struggling with for web-based research. Over the years I've become a regular user of Evernote, Instapaper, Pinboard, and a few other similar sites, but have not used them consistently. As a result, I have some content in one service, some in another, etc. I'd like to streamline this so that I have all my content in all the services I'm paying for and are using for specific purposes. What I'm particularly looking for is a way to automate this, so that I don't have to save everything into 3 places every time. What I would like is a simple solution for marking a page as "save this for me", and have it be saved in Evernote with content, bookmarked in Pinboard, and optionally in Instapaper (e.g. if during the saving process I tag it with "read-later" or some such). The challenge I've run into is figuring out how to use IFTTT, Zapier or any of these other tools to tell Evernote to grab and cache the web content. I've only figured out how to do that with the bookmarklet (desktop/browser) or mobile share sheets (iOS). The closest I've found is a IFTTT recipe called "When adding Pinboard item, save to Instapaper and Evernote", which would let me use Pinboard as the initial capture mechanism and then add that content to EN and Instapaper as well, but the EN side of the equation only captures a URL, not the page content itself. I can't find an EN "action" to tell it to then cache the page content. Similarly, I cannot find an EN "trigger" to kick in anytime someone saves a web page to EN directly, nor does there seem to be a way to retrieve the URL field from an EN note via IFTTT or Zapier, so I'm not sure going the reverse direction would work either. There are many recipes and productivity pages out there talking about how to sync links across these various services, but I haven't found any solution to the ability to store web research results/page content across multiple services that offer this content caching. Any suggestions on how to tackle this using 2019 tech/automation? Thanks, Ramon
  6. Any other suggestions for this? In particular, looking for a native Mac app or Safari-based alternative that we could switch to when needing to kick off a live co-editing session. OK for this to be a separate app if it could start the session by reading from an Evernote note, and then end the session by writing back to EN. Any thoughts? Ramon
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