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  1. Thanks, DTLow. Unfortunately, now I can't open Evernote on my Mac. Am going to contact Evernote Support.
  2. Because I'm having the annoying/confusing "Keychain" popup, I tried to download install 7.11 Beta as suggested in the Keychain thread. I clicked on the download link and then downloaded the zip file to my desktop, which is how I download all installers. Then I double-clicked on the installer, which caused an Evernote icon to appear on my desktop — the installer for 7.11 Beta, I assumed. So, I double-clicked on that Evernote icon. But it didn't behave like an installer. Instead, it opened up Evernote — but a separate Evernote version from the one in my Applications folder. After a little while, I got a prompt about moving the program to the Applications folder, so I dragged the icon to the Applications folder, but that caused a prompt saying there was already an Evernote program in the folder and did I want to replace that one with the new one? I quit the program instead, because I didn't want to risk losing my Evernote data by doing the wrong thing. I'm using Mac OS Mojabe 10.14.5, by the way.
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