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  1. update from OP: 1) OneNote is great. 2) I recently opened Evernote for Windows Phone because it notified me it automatically renewed my Pro subscription (don't remember activating it... whatever): NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 6 MONTHS!!! GJ EVERNOTE! No handwriting yet, formatting is as painful as ever (and basically nonexistent), still issues with notes editable "in fragments" because of incompatibility with other clients, voice recognition basically unusable... looking forward for the complete demise of EN once Windows 10 is here? Who knows...
  2. thanks for the great wisdom, you guys should publish a book
  3. ...and again: I didn't ask for dramatic insights into "the Masterplan". I don't care if Evernote will file an IPO in 2016 or plans to have its own OS. I just want to know if OCR is planned in 6 months, 1 year or never. If the WebClipper will be improved, and if so, when, realistically. I want to be able to decide if I'm going to renew my Premium without having to bet on 5 different Evernote apps that work differently on each platform I have. This is very different from "future roadmap type stuff". Even massive companies conduct this kind of interaction with the users, I don't see any reason (other than the company not knowing the next steps or not having time/money to assign a guy to do PR). And these are both bad reasons.
  4. We keep saying this because it's true, and people need to know what they're getting from the user forum here (it would probably be better if that information was posted up front, even in the forums code of conduct, but it doesn't change the fact). You're a user? Congratulations, so am I, and this is a user forum. If you have questions about how to do things in Evernote, this is a good place to start. To get actual support from Evernote with problems or situations that you encounter, you use the official support system; premium users get priority and chat. Getting future roadmap type stuff is different than support; some companies give it out, some don't. It's your money, and you're free to decide whether you're comfortable with that or not. Let me put that simply: this is whatever you want to think it is. A user forum? Perfect. Fact is, loads of people actually use it to tell Evernote about features that they want / features that don't work / other suggestions. This forum is hosted on the official Evernote website. I didn't find any "send your suggestion" type of forms on the official website (and a support ticket is not what I would use: I need no support, it's Evernote who needs my support) so I posted here. My intention was definitely not hearing another user-like-me-but-also-Evernote-Evangelist telling me the truth (that is that I can spend my money how I want). I know that perfectly. I like(d) this app so I thought it could be helpful notifying the company that if they don't go where I would I will stop giving that money to them - out of pure courtesy and belief that reactive and focused start-ups need and actually profit from comments of this kind.
  5. Quote any single word of the following, and I testify that in my academic community this is a very common complaint. And I'm talking of students & staff. Evernote was cool because it was fast (faster than giants like Microsoft) and responsive and innovative. Now it sucks/it's stuck, and it's expensive, and it doesn't cross platforms consistently, and it doesn't give me the tools I'd like to pay 50$ a year. On a meta-level, also agree with the quote: user feedback should not rely on "evangelists" that just keep spitting out "Evernote staff lurks in the shadows but I swear they read all your posts / Evernote knows what to do but will not reveal any of the plans / etc." That's off-putting and not helpful - we're users not consumers, and I didn't buy a software copy, I bought a subscription & that means that I expect to get reasonable feedback and to know where the software is going, and I want to see a responsive & proactive developer's community.
  6. Actually, as a long time & heavy user of Evernote, I'd have to say none of these things are important to me. We all have our "wish list". It seems Evernote knows where they are going & what they are doing. That may or may not coincide with your needs. Good luck. 7) avoid making "evangelists" moderators who self-spam obvious arguments and instead appoint some PR people to address directly customer suggestions
  7. Hi guys, just wanted to drop several hints to get loads of money including my Premium subscription for the following years (if I don't switch to OneNote because you fail at catching up) 1) Windows Desktop client needs a functional Word-like text editor. Just look at how OneNote does it: multimedia content can be shifted around with adaptive layoutformatting tools are consistent & don't lose formatting across platform2) Windows Desktop client needs a corkboard environment, even if on a separate section. Just look at Scrivener or Springpad: they do it, it works, it helps figuring out things with small sticker notes (COLORS PLS, VIRTUAL POST-ITS, markers, etc.) before writing up longer stuff. 3) WebClipper needs to be able to clip stuff directly inside A SPECIFIC NOTE without destroying its formatting of course, but also maintaining its text/image original content. Again, OneNote does it and it's awesome. 4) Dictation is complete *****. Work on it. 5) Windows Phone app has pretty much the same functionalities of my sms client. Ramp it up AT LEAST to Android standards. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE ULTIMATE SUGGESTION THAT WILL PROJECT YOUR COMPANY IN THE OLYMPUS OF STARTUPS & MAKE U LOADS OF MONEY: 6) Z O T E R O INTEGRATION: Zotero is open source and free, and LOADS of academics use it - just let us include dynamic citations with a Zotero plugin and we can ditch Word, Office and other MS bullshit, and just keep our writing cycle all inside Evernote. If you just worked for one year on the mentioned points, ditching social bullshit and food apps, Evernote can become the ultimate productivity notetaking app, make people forget the temptation of OneNote & push you up into universities&colleges and I'm giving you all this intel for FREE. do it
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