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  1. I am experiencing difficulties with Evernote API through all day, today. Tag and Note syncing is taking much more than usual and usually I end up with error: fopen(https://www.evernote.com:443/shard/s336/notestore): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! I dont see anything reported here or on twitter. Any updates? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am trying to get content of Public Notebook that has been Shared with a user. I succeed in getting user's Linked Notebooks content that have been shared with user privately. I am getting notebooks by $linkedNotebooks = NoteStore->listLinkedNotebooks(); Then i separate data in two sets of object, first set has sharedId attribute (Shared Privately) and second set does note have sharedId (sharedId = null). For second set I apply next logic $userStoreHttpClient = new \THttpClient('www.evernote.com', '443', "/edam/user", "https"); $userStoreProtocol = new \TBinaryProtocol($userStoreHttpClient); $UserStore = new UserStoreClient($userStoreProtocol, $userStoreProtocol); $user = $UserStore->getPublicUserInfo($linkedNotebook->username); $sharedNotebook = $this->NoteStore->getPublicNotebook($user->userId, $linkedNotebook->uri); <==!!Exception gets thrown here!!!and so on.... Exception has message "[identifier] Publishing.uri[key]nevernote", where "nevernote" is value of $linkedNotebook->uri. In documentation for function UserStore.getPublicUserInfo (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/NoteStore.html#Fn_NoteStore_getPublicNotebook) i have found that uri should have value Notebook.Publishing.uri bit object $linkedNotebook does not have "Publishing" attribute, nor i am aware how to obtain Pulic Notebook as Notebook object. Tnx for your help.
  3. Hello, I am trying to get Notes and Tags from Linked notebook using PHP SDK for severnote (https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-php). All i end up with is SHARD_UNAVAILABLE error. I have have echoed relevant data for those two LinkedNotebooks: LinkedNotebook1 LinkedNotebook2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- guid c8252c61-cbd9-4f94-9515-fd6fb2db614e fc610ad2-9d83-4474-b56a-a500b22d3434 noteStoreUrl https://www.evernote.com/shard/s172/notestore https://www.evernote.com/shard/s172/notestore ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the code i am using (just for one notebook).... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $client = new Client(array( 'token' => $accessToken, 'sandbox' => FALSE )); $notebooks = $client->getNoteStore()->listLinkedNotebooks(); # get the right noteStore $note_store_uri = $notebooks[0]->noteStoreUrl; $shared_note_store = $client->getSharedNoteStore($notebooks[0]); # authenticate to the linked notebook $auth_result = $shared_note_store->authenticateToSharedNotebook($shareKey, $accessToken); # get the share token $share_token = $auth_result->authenticationToken; # get ShatedNotebook and GUID $sharedNotebook = $shared_note_store->getSharedNotebookByAuth($share_token); $guid = $sharedNotebook->notebookGuid; # get ShatedNotebook's Tags $tags = $shared_note_store->listTagsByNotebook($accessToken, $guid); # get ShatedNotebook's notes $gmdata = new NotesMetadataResultSpec(); $gmdata->includeTitle = TRUE; $nf = new NoteFilter(); $nf->notebookGuid = $guid; $notes = $shared_note_store -> findNotesMetadata($accessToken, $nf, 0, 250, $gmdata); --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for help.
  4. Thank you for your help, it turned out that error was in other part of code.
  5. I call EVN API using this code in PHP.... //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $client = new Client( array('token' => $entoken)); $noteStore = $client -> getNoteStore(); $nf = new NoteFilter(); $gmdata = new NotesMetadataResultSpec(); $gmdata->includeTitle = TRUE;$gmdata->includeContentLength = TRUE;$gmdata->includeCreated = TRUE;$gmdata->includeUpdated = TRUE;$gmdata->includeDeleted = TRUE;$gmdata->includeUpdateSequenceNum = TRUE;$gmdata->includeNotebookGuid = TRUE;$gmdata->includeTagGuids = TRUE;$gmdata->includeAttributes = TRUE;$gmdata->includeLargestResourceMime = TRUE;$gmdata->includeLargestResourceSize = TRUE; $notes = $noteStore -> findNotesMetadata($entoken , $nf, 0, 2500, $gmdata); /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $notes always contains notes that are added to EVN account after last call of code function, but does not always contain all notes from my notebooks, like there is some blocking time before notes can be sent again. Can you help me with this, i need this function to always returns all notes for me. Thank you.