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  1. The Code Blocks that are inserted on the notes in the desktop version, are lost when synchronization is done with the Android version. Pls correct it.
  2. It would be good if navigation between the notes of the selected notebook, tags or search can be done thru swiping left and right
  3. When will be fixed the extra margin of the notes at left and right side of the container? It waste precious space, is it a cosmetic feature all that extra space?
  4. Any change to create predefined font styles or at least the option to copy/paste the style (type, size, color) of a font ? Doing a google search, I see this feature has been requested years ago but none feedback so far It is incredible how a note taking app does not have this single feature...
  5. There is too much padding (margins left and right) in the note´s field. Is there any way to decrease it?
  6. Well, you can call a folder as notebook or stack, as you prefer , kkkkk Wiznote do the editing part far better. When editing a note, you can select right in the editing window a third party software. For example, you can determinate that Word will be that editor, so click on an icon and a Word window will be opened, when you finish, click on save and you will have your note inside of Wiznote, but the built-in editor is enough. Maybe you could use Word to put some cliparts on the note. The Wiznote´s code is open-source and I do not know how a western´s company has not used it to build a great product. I use Spanish and Portuguese too in Evernote and the spelling/correction is very good
  7. " Its a feature not supported in Evernote; there are many features not supportedIf it is that important to you, you should be looking at another product " That sounds rude to me. But take it easy, I am a little sentimental today. Be yourself
  8. KKKKKK, very good, excellent. I have been observing a Chinese tool called Wiznote. It is more user friendly, have folders, tags, keywords and bookmarks available in case you want to use one of them, and a lot of other interesting features (tables are superb) and plugins to expand its capabilities. The biggest problem so far: The English version if half Chinese and half English and sync is terrible. Also the fact that they do not appear to be interested to expand beyond the Chinese´s market. Those issues ruin it all
  9. "Each head is a world" It was rude the answer from DTLow. Looks like "I am right and you are wrong" (same sickness of some Evernote´s Evangelists) The best tools are those that provides enough settings to accommodate most of their potencial users. Why not make available infinite Folders, Stacks, tags, labels, categories, keywords or anything else and let the user decide how to use it? PS - I believe I was a little rude too hehehe
  10. Nowadays, to access the Tags, Shortcuts or the Notebook view, you have to slide to open the sidebar and then select your option. It would make more sense to have these options one click away in a topbar instead (check Wiznote mobile app) It could be also a user-selectable option in settings With the increased use of larger smartphone´s screens, I have saw more applications moving the sidebar to a topbar
  11. Is it difficult to add double tap to edit? Instead of one tap to edit? This will avoid notes editing by mistake. The best solution for everyone would be to left the user select in settings what behaviour is wanted Regarding tap in links, I use just a sign (example: a plus sign) and insert a internal note link in that sign. It is easy to tap not exactly on the sign the first time, then you will have the edit mode activated by mistake.
  12. Agreed with Karen. If you scroll the note, or even worst, click on a link, I´m afraid the edit mode will pop up together with the keyboard. This happen everytime in MS Onenote...and this is a mess The best solution for everyone would be to make this feature user-selectable in settings
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