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  1. I like the stripped-back interface, it's a much cleaner space for writing. I also like the fact that the side menu is collapsible and you can focus solely on the one note. However some of the functionality is lost, I see a lot of people losing their sh*t over the reminders being missing but it sounds as if that will be added when the alpha release is rolled out. Do we have a date for when the release will be happening?
  2. Yeah a standalone app would be good... like evernote food and evernote... eh the other one for remembering people. full apps in their own right but completely optional. Haha, I'm more of an Android/Linux man myself. I see more and more developers trying to open up the web and create cross-platform solutions... then I see Apple... trying to close it off and play Monopoly with the technology world. Just my warped opinion though lol.
  3. I'd love to see a Linux native client for Evernote. Although it makes compete sense that Evernote don't want to pour money into a support for a little used OS. Perhaps there could be some kind of crowd-funding effort that they may consider. Give as a figure Evernote lol. What's it worth and we'll crowd fund it.
  4. Yeah I use IFTTT but I find it has some varying results haha.
  5. I'm sure this will probably already have been suggested, but I'll post this anyway. For a while now I've been using the feature that allows you to send email direct into Evernote. in fact I've built up an entire stack of these emails. But a thought occurred to me, wouldn't it be great Evernote had a built in email client. This would allow you to send/receive emails directly from within Evernote and would eliminate the need to email specific messages into Evernote. You could simply just hit, add to stack. Just thought I'd put it out there. Gary
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