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  1. Eight years since this thread was started...
  2. I'm done with EN. No way I can continue to pay money for a slowly degrading service. This thread was started in Oct 2020 and we're still in the same position? It baffles me that they roll out new "features" while continually axing the most basic fundamental functionality. I haven't seen anyone from EN on these topics even acknowledge that this is a thing.
  3. Hey, I seem to be missing the option to export PDFs. Can't seem to find this anywhere, the only option is to Share an evernote specific-link (I'm guessing this was a marketing decision to try to "promote" the use of evernote, but in reality it's of use to no one). Anyone any ideas where this feature has been moved to?
  4. Agreed, it's bizarre that they made such drastic changes without reading the room.
  5. I think what I most object to is Evernote dismissing their users/customers with standard wording when asked about this. "We haven’t yet built widget support into the new Evernote for Android, but it's near the top of our list." This really doesn't inspire confidence in their ability to fix this mess any time soon, and is an outright refusal to answer an honest question. If Evernote had any respect for their users they would be honest, give a rough timescale or estimate when they will fix this. That way people could make an informed decision about whether or not Evernote is worth paying for. I've already cancelled my premium and it expires the end of this month. Based on my experience so far it's unlikely that I'll hear a peep out of Evernote by the time it runs out.
  6. This is a deal breaker for me. The widget was an integral part of my workflow. I'm actually cancelling my premium because of this. I'm glad that Evernote Android has had well-needed overhaul, but to add a bunch of features that are cosmetic at best, and to remove one of the core functions I use.... I can't justify paying a subscription any longer. No news on when the widget will be back. I have asked Evernote on multiple platforms but received nothing but silence. I'm guessing they don't have time or don't care to respond. Will consider a subscription again if this feature ever returns.
  7. I'd love to see a Linux native client for Evernote. Although it makes compete sense that Evernote don't want to pour money into a support for a little used OS. Perhaps there could be some kind of crowd-funding effort that they may consider. Give as a figure Evernote lol. What's it worth and we'll crowd fund it.
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