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  1. ScottLougheed -- thanks for the tips / work arounds. I'll explore. Jefito -- Thanks, i did search before posting. Didn't see a clean description of what I would like to see, the type of integration I have between DropBox and my mail system for example. gazumped -- Definitely appreciate that Evernote will have to decide what service integrations it wants to prioritize and where it wants to be in co-opetition (as they say) for the benefit of the business and their customers. Big fan just want to see a better and better product.
  2. I've been using Evernote for a few years now and love it. I can build notes that include all the related content for some work no matter the form -- text notes, images, attachments. The one issue I run into is that I have documents that ideally need to be stored on the file system and should be attached in Evernote (in the former case to maintain a collection of assets for a project that can easily be browsed, shared, etc. and in the latter case to add meaningful content for a note from a design meeting or other piece of work). I would love to see Evernote integrate with Dropbox as many other web applications have (and with other cloud storage e.g. Google Drive, Box, etc.). Here is what I would love to see. Within Evernote I can choose "add file from Dropbox" and then I can browse, select, and add the link to the file (not a copy of the file). In Dropbox it would be nice to have an "add to Evernote" function as I look at a file, and ideally be able to select an existing note or create a new one, but for me this is less important. The link in Evernote would remain correct even if I move the location in my Dropbox folders. If I click on the link and edit the file, the file is the "one" copy managed by Dropbox and is picked up from my local synced drive if available otherwise from the web. In an ideal world, the integration would ensure that if I delete the file in dropbox and it is linked to Evernote notes I receive a warning and maybe the option to attach the file to the Evernote note(s) in place of the links before deleting in Dropbox. Thanks for considering.
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