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  1. Yes I agree, but there may be a shared folder that another computer with evernote on a difference device shares. In my case while upgrading PC's I had the old and the new computer sharing the same folder, its logical that it would only upload once. What I am saying is don't share upload folders as there may be unpredictable results. What I am saying is even though evernote app appears to be off on one device it is still active in the background, and uploads the file anyway, so you may be wondering why the other computer did not show a message of a new file having been uploaded. Until a refresh happens you may not be aware and think that the file has not been uploaded
  2. Ok I have had a similar issue, and the solution (if you can all it that) you cannot have 2 Evernote apps say on 2 difference computers connected to the same import folder, ie I have noticed that once it has been imported once, regardless it wont import a second time. This was an issue when using a network share. Only one evernote app must be connected to that folder, and no more. I assume it may calculate a hash for the file so that it does not continue to import the same file from that folder a 2nd time. I now use different import folders for difference computers, and not a shared folder and that seems to have resolved my issues. Dont know if that throws some light on this subject
  3. I guess they have done this by design I guess it's different for each user, maybe they should allow this to be set in "settings", hopefully it will be addressed in future releases
  4. I suggest you read the entire posts the solution is there, if you change the tagged and notebook and then save then that will become the default for the next one
  5. Sorry I can't see what your problem is, in the note that you are saving no tags have been selected, and I assume you are wanting to save the note to Art Projects. If this is not where you want to save this to then select using find another notebook, PS this will then become the default for the next clip saved.
  6. That's strange, There does not appear to be an app in the Playstore for Premium and another for Non Premium, To have functionality driven by user account type appears odd, I cannot see why Evernote would have done this for different users , my wife has non premium and I will check with her's later today. So are you saying when you downloaded the new version, and selected a tag you are stuck with it for ever .. Thanks
  7. I I can't answer that because I have premium but can only assume that the same would apply for all versions else it would seem illogical, remember to do a search for the tag in question and then uncheck it.
  8. OK found out from Evernote support how to cancel the default tag for Android Click on the tag button , locate the tag using the "find tag" button, once located "uncheck" it, The default now becomes nothing
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