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  1. My Solution was to attach the PDF's to a note. The Crtl+A, then Ctrl+C, then press the delete key, so all the contents are removed of the note then press the Ctrl+V to re paste the note contents and then the surprisingly pop up again. Before doing this make sure that the note is synced This is clearly an issue that Evernote needs to fix, given the exposed contents of notes an encrypted PDF is the only partial way of securing the note details. Sorry after the system Syncs this does not work in Windows
  2. The solution for me was as follows:- in the Windows Desktop Version: Click Tools>Option>Open Log Folder Once in the log folder, open the latest file, any text editor will do. Examine the last few entries and you may see the offending note that is causing the issue. Copies the note to another not and deleted the offending note. Re-synced and all is working well
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