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  1. Hm... I'm curious to know why this is a global Mac OS thing. For example, a text editor app I use called Chocolate will not format "--" as "––". Note that I have my smart quotes and dashes turned on. However, when entering hyphens into textedit it will turn the two "--" into "––" automatically. (I also converted everything to plain text to make sure and the smart dash "––" remained) From this little experiment it seems like turning off/on smart dashes and quotes would in fact be possible from within an app. Please let me know where I'm going wrong if I'm off-base.
  2. Thanks Scott. Much appreciated! Burgers, I apologize for my tone. I think the fault lies with my expectations for discussion. I just felt that if the assumptions you explicitly mention are those by which this forum operates, I struggle to find the value in adding it to a particular thread. And the "rtfm" feels dismissive of a conversation when considering we've already read "tfm". I'll be keeping my opinions regarding other posts to myself. Apologies again.
  3. I've been familiarizing myself with the forum and the relationship the Evernote staff has with it. I am aware of what you are saying and that it has been mentioned before. It is a polite way of encouraging a staff member to interact in the thread if he/she were to read this post. I came here to communicate with other users and potentially staff as you mention is possible. Perhaps I'm misreading something but it seems like your response is as productive/stimulating as someone interrupting a community discussion with "RTFM"
  4. Your last point regarding "style" is one that I've really been wanting for a while and something that inhibits my note taking constantly. I want to keeps things consistent and organized, but this is difficult when I have to remember and manually implement formatting styles. I would love to hear any feedback from Evernote regarding this.
  5. I would also like to throw my encouragement behind this suggestion. I end up having to use different applications to organize my tables.
  6. Great to hear you guys are working on this feature Jackolicious, this along with some configurable styles are two features that are really slowing down my workflow everyday.
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