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  1. Here is the first thing to try (something like Evernote -> Option+help -> Reindex Spotlight)
  2. I first started getting this problem many years ago. It seems to come back from time to time. I am amazed and frustrated that this core functionality is still very fragile. The reason I am here replying is that my spotlight indexing has stopped working again after being OK (but not great) for a few years. Sorry to see that there is no snappy response nearly a month after your question. I suggest that you look back through the archives for tips. That's what I am about to do.
  3. I am running the direct download version aren't I? No spotlight for me.
  4. Confusing thread. Earlier posts seemed to suggest that installing the latest evernote would fix this. This is not the case for me (with plenty of time for reindexing). I installed 5.5.1 but still see no indexing.
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