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  1. I installed Evernote on my iPhone and iPad a few months ago at the recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately, I am blessed with low visual acuity that makes it impossible for me to read the first notes I tried writing - even on the iPad - so I uninstalled the app, figuring that someday Evernote would enhance the product with the ability to adjust font sizes. I installed again today and to my surprise, the feature still doesn't exist. The odd thing is that you can do just about any other font and paragraph formatting (bold, indent, bullets, etc). To the indestructable Evernote engineers with 20/20 vision: Send this to Marketing. To Evernote Marketing: You know will lose a significant market share if and when another developer launches a similar product with app and document font size flexibility. I'll uninstall and keep my otherwise very good eyes open for just such an app. PS - Font size increased for those who can't read the instructions on medicine bottles (probably 30% of the market for productivity apps, and growing FAST).
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