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  1. Thanks for the info on how to manually go "offline" on the PC. I did not have a chance to try but the search function started to work 10 minutes ago.
  2. How do I go offline on a desktop client? (Windows 11 PC) The search has not worked since this morning for me. Using simply text that I saw in the notes, the search result shows nothing is found. I confirmed the same issue on : Windows 11 desktop app (10.45.18-win-ddl-public (3683), Editor: v157.1.19252, Service: v1.57.5), Chrome browser (Version 105.0.5195.127 - on Windows 11), iPad & iPhone app 10.39 (1125601).
  3. I have similar issue with the scannable app manual cropping mode. Where the zoomed bubble use to show a detailed of the corner grabbing point. Now bottom half of the bubble circle is black and only show the underlying image on the top half.
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