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  1. Premium user for ages, desktop not a good option because I run Linux. I LOVE the beta - and I don't want to swap back - but without merge I have to keep firing up a client to tidy up. Please put Merge Notes top of the feature list priority (and maybe drag and drop second). Great work.
  2. Ashley you did a great job! This is a much. much better interface than evernote web (I'm a linux user) and really slick. It is very, very usable just as it is. I emailed you a feature request re adding cards from a notebook, but having thought about it a little more, I'd like to clarify: It would be useful if cards ON the current desk were highlighted in the left hand pane search. A follow on would be a context menu from the search to "add missing cards to the desktop" . This would give a very quick way of keeping a notebook and desktop in step (which is how I organise my todo lists). The follow on to that would be a desktop option to "remove extra cards" which takes everything not in the current search off the current desktop. Hope the above makes sense. And thanks again. Jon
  3. Or if you have nested directories, you can do this, which creates a note for every file in and below the current directory - but watch out - this is a very quick way to use up your month's upload! find -name "*" -not -type d -exec echo {} \; -exec mutt <YOUREVERNOTEEMAIL> -s "{}" -a "{}" </dev/null \;
  4. I wanted to import a large number of files (mainly pdfs) into my premium account. This solution works well on Linux - I presume it would also run on OSX assuming you have a command line emailer available. I used "mutt" and a oneline command line script like so: for i in <DIRECTORYNAME>/* ; do echo -n "$i" ; echo -n "..." ; mutt <YOUREVERNOTEEMAIL> -s "$i" -a "$i" </dev/null ; echo " done" ; done Just replace <DIRECTORYNAME> and <YOUREVERNOTEEMAIL>. This creates a note for each file, with the title as the filename. Hope this helps someone. It will certainly help me the next time I want to do it and can't remember the mutt command line options.
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