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  1. I have done it that way. Still very tedious, and I sometimes forget to delete the original, which leads me to have to go over the list to make sure I don't have any doubles.
  2. I use evernote daily for my 'to do' list. The first thing I do is re-arrange the many tasks I have in order of priority. This process is very hit and miss. sometimes the item will drag WITH check box sometimes the time will drag WITHOUT the check box sometimes the item will disappear when I try to drag it sometimes it will combine with another line sometimes it will land on its own line (as I would like it to) It would be great if I could move items on a 'to do' list with more smoothness. This is a pretty common function for word processors.
  3. Collapsible bullets would be awesome. Especially collapsible check-box bullets. My lists quickly get out of control with bullets under bullets, and I can't make head or tale of them after a while. If I could can through a list and see which ones have more items underneath, and then be able to tell that that item has all the sub-items completed just by looking at it... wow.
  4. The way I used to use links was this: 1. right click on a note 2. scroll down to, "copy note link" 3. Highlight text in new note 4. right click and scroll down to "link" --> "add link" 5. In the box that would open, I would "Cmd-V" Perhaps a bit of an over-complicated way to do it, and I have been using the method where you simply paste the link into the note, but I like to be able to give it the title I want. I do not always want the title of the note I am linking to. I have sufficient information to work around the issue; but I though I would explain things. Thanks again Grumpymonkey. Tawmis.
  5. I don't see it either. However, after right-clicking, if you press the option key, it'll appear. My guess is that the screenshot posted earlier is actually from a beta of some kind, because it doesn't make sense that we'd be running the same app (5.5.1 (402628 Direct)) and be seeing different stuff. Even with the option key pressed, I don't see the shortcut. Weird. And, to Evernote, I'd say this is not a good idea. It was already confusing enough to explain as a Share URL and Note Link. Now, we have a classic note link? How are new people supposed to know what that means? In addition, when I copy a note link and use command + k to paste it for selected text, the resulting note link is blue, even though it is a regular internal note link. Perhaps I missed something above in the thread, but this doesn't make sense to me. It ought to be green, right? Thank you Thank you! After over a week, I finally have a solution to my problem! Furthermore, I totally agree that this is a very strange choice by Evernote... I don't know how this could be advantageous to anyone. By the way, I am the original poster of this topic; had to delete my old account - long story.
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