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  1. Update to my own understandings -- a mention of the Dolphin (ios) browser above got me to open my own copy of it. Sure enough, under the Share button, there is the EN elephant. Pick it and you can log into EN, then snip a whole page with all of its elements and it shows up on the EN side right away. Cool! Dolphin may soon become my GoTo ios browser for any large surf and snip research missions (Safari for me is the default where all my "wanna read" tabs live because any link emailed to to me opens in there, which makes it less useful for research.) Another Dolphin feature may also make it my main app for any extended shopping online due to another feature -- an instant screenshot of the page in question tee'd up in an email along with the link (use the regular Dolphin email share function not the EN snipper), which again I can mail to self at EN when just a screenshot does the trick. My camera roll will thus also be a lot lighter because it saves the whole awkard of snap, save, send, delete. Thanks to all for your tips! I may soon be a happy surfer again ;->
  2. Glad to hear it is there, and it is a step up from the current status quo. Thanks for letting us know. But I still miss the integrated browser and snipper I used to have right inside the EN app. It kept web snipping in its own focused stream apart from my initial browsing, and let me rapidly process the links I emailed into it from any of my (several) other ipad browsers. Oh well.
  3. yes, as I found out to my chagrin last week (when I was among the last ipad users to give in to ios7 before its own sunset) the integrated clipper in my much-loved prior rev of EN (the one that worked up until ios6) is now gone, along with its own in-app browser (sob). Apparently, it has been so long that almost every current ios EN user forgot it used to be there. I am totally guessing on this, but I can imagine that the complications of making it work well with every kind of web page out there today was a headache they chose not to solve with later updates. I do have to admit it choked amd crashed EN with some regularity, but man when it worked, it was wonderful. Since my work relies so much on web research, I am now looking for other ios apps to handle my copious mutimedia snips which will relegate EN to less of a research tool and more a notes manager (sigh)
  4. PS to all the above and Alt. Temp Solution: I also found out on this Forum yesterday that Chrome (Win) has an EN app in their web store you cam attach to the browser. I added it to Chrome (my default browser on new Win8 laptop), and voila, I see my whole DB with all notes and I can mail out any note, including those with images. Until the "cant mail this" glitch in ENTouch is fixed this will let me do what I need without downloading the desktop version.
  5. Thanks for the detail! Now that I understand how/why it works (and how to undo) I am fine with giving this a try to see if it solves my note-mailing issue (although I still hope to see a solution on that topic too since EN Touch seems to be working well otherwise and it plays nicely with the Lenovo Yoga Pro hyrbid laptop-tablet). Appreciate the info ;-> PS.. Any idea why my using the Quote button only yields the markdown text above and not the formatted re-quote that your note shows?
  6. PS to above.. (re Win8 refusing to email notes with images) Just did the following test A) To/From Ipad No problem to send an image into EN from ipad or to mail the same note back to myself with the image intact To/From Win8 Receives a note sent from ios (as in A) but will NOT "share" any note with an image inside. It simply keeps repeating (in red) at the top of the email “We cant share this because there’s a problem with the content”
  7. In my piece by piece triage of issues with "Evernote Touch" on a new Lenovo Yoga Pro (Win8), let me ask for ideas on the following issue. I can email a given note to myself no problemo if the note just has words in it. But if the note contrains any images inside, the Win8 client tells me that it has "problems with the content" and cant or wont send it. This is a huge deal to me, given how oftem I email screenshots into EN for safekeeping. Any idea what is happening -- or what to do for it? Cc: to @dlu
  8. Thank you both for helping me see that (a) it matters that much to sync manually <I saw circles chruning often enough I thought it just got handled whenever I closed a note> and that ( I am not alone in these issues. That leaves me with © my newer Win8 laptop issues but I should return to a windows thread before delving in there ;-> (hmmm.. Funny karma on all of this. Now I cant get this reply to post! (from ipad at the moment -- your site says I am not logged in as a user even though my avatar is showing)
  9. Evernote came with my new Lenovo Yoga Pro laptop running Win8, can quibble with layout choices but if I stay within the win8 bubble it mostly runs ok, but it is showing some wrinkles and burps, especially if/when it needs to play nicely on the Ios (ipad) side of my life. Example -- Open a note on the laptop (win8) containining inline images important to me. A. Wont let me email myself a copy of note ("windows had a problem with this content") B. Wont let me copy/paste images to a new Win8 note (maddenly appear, then vanish, before I can close note) C. Wont let me do ANYthing with the same note on the ipad side (still running older EN 5.x).. As soon as I open the note on the ipad and type anything, all the images vanish again! D. Back on the laptop, the same note now has two copies, one with no images in the regular stream and the other batched to a notebook that says "conflicting changes" Any idea what is happening?
  10. Thanks so much for the added info! Let me add a couple of factoids that may clarify (or make it even more mysterious). With access finally restored to my workspaces again (backstory is we had a housefire and I have been deluged with triage on other needs, while believing all my EN data was safe and I just had to work out the ipad kinks once I had some extra time). Latest info: I got a new Win8 laptop last weekend and installed EN there. it took a loooong time to sync, but it DID see all 14,000 notes (TY to the EN-PTB!) including the 900 most recent, all via logging into my normal account. So there are *not *two accounts, and it has been updating in sync with the mother ship since the day the ipad client first glitched. But on the ipad side (version 5.x) it still cannot see anything more than the 900 newest and still has zero tags. [i can hear it coming now -- It is just a matter of time before someone tells me to update to ios7 and be done with resisting, right?]
  11. I have been a happy EN user since EN 1.0 (when it was all one long tape with no tags). I have especially loved it on my ipad (tiles show images and are right-sized to skim many tiles at once) so I use it all day to lifestream in many directions (14, 000 notes total to date). Imagine the consternation when one day a few weeks ago (away from home and desktop), it refused to load, and then when it did, behaved like a fresh install with zero notes and a very small set of empty notebooks. I quickly reassured myself with a browser that all my data was still there (as a Premium user, I figured it had to be). But now that I am home again (900 new notes later) and able to be mutimodal, I am trying to fix the ipad problem. My main impediment to a reinstall of the app is that I still use ios5 (missed updating to 6 by a week and not ready to go to 7 yet <pffft>). Does anyone know if Evernote will do a "backwards" update, i.e. detect I still have system 5, and install a rev that works with 5? I did talk to customer service, but all they could say was "back up to a computer first and restore from there if needed" since such a backup would include the prior "IA" file (whatever that is). But it seems to me that if a new install fails, restoring from a copy of what I have now would take me back to my current state with the damaged version of EN 5.3.2? All ideas welcome! PS.. As a precaution, I renamed the empty notebooks it saved after crash (with an x at the end) so it wouldnt overwrite old notebooks when/if it fired up intact again. Was that a good thing to do, or not needed?
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