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  1. I've done a little more testing. For me, this error seems to occur whenever I try to open an already-annotated PDF for editing in the iOS app after annotating the PDF in the Windows app beforehand. The error does not occur when I annotate in the iOS app and then reopen it for editing in the iOS app. So, it's like this: Annotate PDF in Windows app, reopen annotated PDF in Windows app = pass Annotate PDF in iOS app, reopen annotated PDF in iOS app = pass Annotate PDF in iOS app, open annotated PDF in Windows app = pass Annotate PDF in Windows app, open annotated PDF in iOS app = FAIL Please fix it! I'm desperate! ---- iOS Version 10.1 (1107121) Windows Version (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)
  2. Hi, As described in the title, ever since upgrading to v10 on iOS I have been unable to open PDFs for annotation purposes and instead receive a pop-up message saying: “Unable to load this resource. Please refresh the page or try again later.” (See attached screenshot.) I have always used my iPad as my primary Evernote device so that I can annotate important passages of text easily with either a stylus or my finger. Not being able to has affected my whole workflow. I should note that I can open the PDFs for viewing (although that has its own set of issues such as with the lack of navigation and search). This problem only presents when I try to access the PDF through the new ‘Edit’ button. PLEASE fix it! Evernote is CRUCIAL to my workflow! JW
  3. I’m running into this same issue. I use (or at least planned to use) the annotation summary like a hyperlinked ‘table of contents’ for the main points I’ve highlighted in longer documents. In its current form, it’s not of much use. By definition, a summary is a comprehensive compendium or recapitulation. If the annotation summary doesnt summarise all of the annotations it supposedly relates to, then it doesn’t fit the definition of an annotation summary. Please seriously consider updating this behaviour Evernote. It would save users a of unneeded scrolling and, therefore, a LOT of time. Keep up the great work.
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