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  1. Evernote is great for notes of any length if working from your mac - I can size it anyway I like! I am partially sighted so it's not a preference thing when I want to see notes on my other devices in a large font too. My earlier complaint was a disability access issue. I'm going to give OneNote a go - looks as though it does everything I need! (Had previously not considered it because I didn't have a Microsoft account - I'm a mac/android user) This may mean bye bye evernote!! If I get on well with One Note, I will be advising others with disabilities to go this direction too
  2. I came here at the suggestion of the Evernote support team. It seems what I asked about is the subject of much discussion! I was told that the people who work on the app take suggestions from here...... Font size is a basic accessibly requirement, especially for someone like me who has a visual disability. What is the point of an app if no one can see it? I wonder if there is scope in the DDA (disability discrimination act) on this, when help has been consistently requested for over a year. I wrote this to the support team: I need the ability to increase font size in iPad version of Evernote. I have that editing ability on my mac, which is helpful for note taking.... But I'd rather do note taking on my iPad. I have visual problems. I'd just like the ability to actually see my notes. I would also find this useful on my android phone. The ability to increase font size globally would also be helpful so I can see the names of folders and notes lists too. So come on Evernote developers - the option the increase font size within the WHOLE app, not just the note taking bit, is a vital need, especially when it comes to basic accessibility.
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