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  1. Evernote status reports "search is not working as expected". The fact is, search is not working at all and hasn't been for a while. This is unacceptable in a premium product on which I rely extensively throughout my working day.
  2. Obviously I can use the Web Clipper in the way that you suggest for capturing text from HTML webpages, and indeed I frequentlydo. As an academic however, some of the things I want to store in Evernote are PDFs of articles in research journalswhich are online. With the older version of Evernote I was able to choose to open these with Evernote and they would simply go into the default notebook. This is the behaviour I would like to be reinstated, or have the ability to choose, rather than Evernote creating a separate notebook every time. Incidentally, I am using Firefox for my browser. I ap
  3. Let's say on the Internet there's a PDF or Word document available as a download and I want to save it to Evernote (currently version 10.3.7 build 2018). In Windows 10, if I choose "open with" and then select "Evernote," the file is imported to a new notebook "imported content+ today's date". In the previous version of Evernote (6+) the content was imported to the default notebook. It is a real pain having to go into the newly created notebook, manually assign the content to my chosen notebook, and then to have to delete the newly created notebook. Can we not revert back to the original behav
  4. Hi Dave. I followed the link included in an email from EN inviting me to try the new browser interface. I tried it again this morning and after a considerable delay i.e. 1 minute, the page *did* load. Just frustratingly slow. This contrasts with yesterday where it didn't load even though I left it for an hour. I also tried your suggested link and that loaded more quickly - like 10 secs - but still slow. OK my connection isn't very fast but even so .... I'm guessing the link in the invite email took longer because it was processing tracking stuff in the background and maybe it was that which
  5. Just tried to check out the new web interface but I was unable to reach it in Firefox 70.0 (64 bit). I could only get as far as a completely blank page on following URL https://www.evernote.com/Home.action?_sourcePage=oVcMsfPzSyfiMUD9T65RG_YvRLZ-1eYO3fqfqRu0fynRL_1nukNa4gH1t86pc1SP&__fp=3ZNjqpaPMEI3yWPvuidLz-TPR6I9Jhx8&hpts=1572349413611&showSwitchService=true&usernameImmutable=false&rememberMe=true&login=&login=Sign+in&login=true&hptsh=[text removed by poster]. Worked OK in Edge however.
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