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  1. Can you share a Stack in Evernote Business? Example - If I have a Stack with 20 Notebooks in it, I would not have to email all of the participants for each individual Notebook would I?
  2. I am giving two Evernote workshops this week. One question that comes up every time is: Can I share a Stack? This would make sense when trying to collaborate on projects that involve many individual Notebooks. Sue
  3. I held a recent Evernote workshop and the predominent question was "so how do I easily back-up all the material I've put into Evernote". Good question and I'd love to provide a super easy answer like..... "Evernote has thought of that so here is the easy back-up button" Thanks
  4. Hi Wern, Thanks for the thread. I've looked there but it seems they've pulled down the link for spam reasons. Would be great if Gbarry could email me at susan_o_reilly@hotmail.com directly so that I can start getting the ball rolling on it. Many thanks! Sue
  5. Hello, I live near Toronto, Canada and am a big fan of Evernote. I would like to know how to become an Evernote Ambassador. I am an avid investor/trader and use Evernote everyday as a journal to keep track of data points I see in the markets. I would like to help others learn how to stay organized with this the way I do. Thanks
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