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  1. I am having the same problem. It started (I think) with version Sync works if notes are entered on my mobiles devices, but not if they are entered on my desktop. Kind of frustrating because I have received limited support from Evernote - I have an open ticket #424676. Hard to believe there are so few people experiencing this.
  2. Hello Evernoters: I'm experiencing a problem that evidently occurred last year as well. I'm a premium member with EN on a Win 7 Pro laptop, and iPad and an iPhone 4s. Things had been going fine until the latest EN update for Win 7. Coincidentally, Microsoft released a bunch of windows updates as well so these may be related. Anyway, I can synch between all devices except Outbound from my desktop. I get an error message saying syncing failed due to problem at client. Notes entered in my other devices sync OK to the desktop. I have an open ticket with EN and have followed exactly the suggested steps of uninstall / reinstall (alas, a common "solution" for windows sufferers ... I mean users.) I thought I had found the perfect solution finally with EN, but now there's a hitch. I am in a Microsoft shop so the laptop is essential. But so are my mobile devices. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm thinking there's a conflict with another app somewhere (but nothing shows up in the windows error log that would suggest this,) Or, maybe it's a firewall / trusted connection issue. I'm still waiting for a follow up from EN tech support but thought I would try the board for some feedback. I am falling behind in my TSW organization ... Thanks all.
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