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  1. @jefito yes, please, this and the lack of headings/structure is what is currently preventing me from fully embracing Evernote. Is there someplace I can add a +1 to the request for a todo-display for a selection of notes (all, notebook, tag, date, etc.)
  2. +1 On Headings. I currently use an application called Zim which uses a pseudo markdown/asciidoc plain text file format - being able to organize with headings is wonderful for taking notes on a single topic, or keeping minutes from a recurring meeting together, etc. Is the +1 something we can do ourselves or do we have to me too it up here in someone elses post and pray an Evernote insider finds it and adds it themselves?
  3. @whiteside - I'm looking for exactly the same thing. I tend to use notes to document a process or an event. Either some running notes of a project as I'm working on it, or taking minutes in a meeting. They look like this. dvhart: wants a better todo system John: This dvhart guy is way to excited about todo list, he needs a hobby [ ] Sign John up for lots of SPAM John: forgot to complete his only three deliverables [ ] Sync with John and help him setup a todo list ... I want to be able to go to some kind of a smart-note which lists all the todos (checkboxes - optionally only empty checkboxes) from a selection of notes - by notebook, tag, date, etc.
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