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  1. You actually can override the shortcut Evernote is using if you're on a Mac. Here's how... 1. Go to System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts [top tab] --> App Shortcuts [sidebar tab]. 2. Click "+" at the bottom of the table. A small modal overlay will appear and ask for more details. 3. From the Application dropdown, choose "Evernote". 4. For Menu Title, use the exact text used in Evernote's menu (Format --> Text --> Increase Indent Level || Decrease Indent Level) 5. For Keyboard Shortcut, focus the input and type the shortcut you want. I've tried Command⌘
  2. At some point, bullets just got stupid bad. Almost everything I do is bulletted, so I fight with this constantly. There are times where I can’t delete a block of bulletted items that I’ve selected. There are times when I want to delete a bulletted item, and the app cannot properly bring the lower item and the upper item together without fiddling with it, removing bullets, and rebuilding the order. It’s such a basic task that I could accomplish what I want with markdown and a text editor. I pay for this app because I haven’t been able to find a competitor that does all the things I need, but I’
  3. Same problem. Line breaks disappear seemingly without cause. For me, it's usually just one or two line breaks in the note that is currently open.
  4. The min width and min height are both incredibly frustrating. My textbooks are PDFs, and I can never get the main window or a note window to comfortably fit on my MacBook's 15" screen, which it could were there not a hard limit to how small the windows could get. The note window always feels too wide. If I go the other route and try to fit it along the bottom, there's too much unused whitespace on the right side of the note in addition to the min height that ensures the window is too tall. I don't think I've ever needed the controls the bar on the top of the note offers, so there's a fully inc
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