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  1. Hi gazumped, Reinstalling again (using a 3rd party uninstall app) didn't work. So I deleted the database folder (after copying it elsewhere) and restarted the program. Bingo! No more pesky tags. I'll leave it to the experts to figure out why this happened. I'm just glad to have it fixed. Thanks again, and I hope this is of help to others. Mark
  2. Thanks gazumped, for the quick reply. I'll try as you've suggested and report my progress.
  3. Hi, I have recently deleted a shared notebook. The tags that were used by the shared notebook are still showing in the tags list of my windows desktop app. There are no notes associated with these tags. They are 'empty'. The persistent tags only appear in the windows desktop app, and not the browser-based app, nor the android app. When I right-click the tag, the 'Delete...' option is greyed out. I assume this is to do with permissions. EN version 5.2.1. Did a complete reinstall just in case. I also tried syncing from the android app, and opening the web app. Neither device shows the tags in question, but they persist in the desktop app. The extra tags are a distraction I could use without (and the main reason for un-linking from the shared notebook). Any assistance in the removal of these tags would be most appreciated. Cheers, Mark
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