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  1. I have written to Evernote support, but did not get any response so far. Posting it here, so someone could help me. I clicked on a note in Evernote ( Share-> Email ) to send an important note with an attachment (on Android) to my email address, since I could not open the attachment on android. I was not expecting it to be posted as a public URL. But to my shock, a minute later I received an email with a public evernote url . I was shocked, because the note had very confidential information. I deleted the link as fast as I could find a way to do it, took me about 10 mins or so. My concern is - during the time that it was posted as a public Url, could it have been captured or archived by any web crawlers and such. Even after I deleted the share at my end, when I went back to search for notes as "sharedate:*", I could still see the note. I then deleted the note, just to make sure. Should I be concerned about the few minutes that the link was alive ? Is there a way to permanently delete (from archives as well) all shared links that were posted from my account ? Also a suggestion : I went back later to the Share->Email link and noticed a rather obscure text at the top stating that the link is open to all. It is very easy to miss. This should be a more conspicuous prompt requiring confirmation from the user before proceeding. Thank you for your advice and help.
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